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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hun Sen Is Under Pressure From His...

Hun Sen Is Under Pressure From His...

If you ever think, Vietnam will even give Cambodia an inch of its land, you are deadly wrong. Because this is a country that is so greedy to steal any thing it can. For example, concerning Kampuchea Krom, did that country ever give half of an inch back to us?. And you know the answer is no. So what the hell is the prime minister of our country is talking about, when he said that, by signing the supplementary border agreement, Cambodia gained more territory. Mr. Hun Sen, even your own spokesman said that, the agreement was signed in 1985 while the Vietnamese troops still occupied our country.

Mr. prime minister, you even blamed former king Sihanouk for the two islandsthat now belong to Veitnam. Come on, Mr. it is you, who gave them away, and not the former king. The ex-king has always fought to protect our territory. And he has never given even half of an inch of our precious land to Vietnam. Even your own brother, Hun Neng, blamed the U.S. bombings in the 70's. I think you and your brother should blame yourself for the lost land, instead of accusing the former king and the bombings. It is you who signed the agreement to give the land away, because you try to please the greedy boss. As the leader of our coutry, you should try to protect the country and its people. Don't just do anything to please your boss, because you know that Veitnam is a vey greedy country. You must help and defend our country as the former king Sihanouk has done. And also try to protect you borders, because according to what I have learned, is that there are a lot of Vietnamese are coming to Cambodia. And that is not a good sign, because as you remember, how Kampuchea Krom was lost. First those people came in just to do business, and after that they settled down. And as more and more of them came, they started to take control of Kampuchea Krom. So please be aware of what one day will happen to Cambodia.

SUBMITTED BY: van choeung, Email: vanchim...@aol.com Wed, 12 Oct 2005

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