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Thursday, October 06, 2005

oppose the signing of the so called additional agreement of 1985 treaty

October 5, 2005
Letter of Appeal to HRH. Prince Norodom Rannaridh President of Cambodia National Assembly

Subject: oppose the signing of the so called additional agreement of 1985 treaty

Your Highness:

With all due respect, this matter that I present for your consideration is no longer political but a personal duty to us all. Each of us whether in or outside Cambodia with true conscience is steadfastly oppose the signing of the so called additional agreement of 1985 treaty done with Viet Nam by Comrade Hun Sen then. The country is imploring you not to approve the signing et al. As individual your deed will re-deem further determination of Khmer unity and interest.

In this regard may I please point out as so it seems the renowned Lafontaine's fables' the cunning monkey set up the dumb struck goat to be punished by the hungry farmer after it ate his lunch and up the tree is in full play in Cambodia politic over border problems specifically with the neo-imperialistic colonial Viet Nam. On 9/26/2005 Mr. Khieu Kannharith, the government's spokesman admitted to Voice of America Radio that the 1985 Cambodia-Vietnam border treaty is not a fair one for Cambodia because Vietnam occupied Cambodia at that time. He urged those opposed to this treaty to write Norodom Ranariddh, the President of the National Assembly, and other Members of Parliament to stop the approval of the continuation of this treaty. Also it is subsequently clear as day light that Prime Minister Hun Sen is anxiously anticipated to sign it next week in Hanoi additional agreements to the treaties signed in the 80's under the de-facto government of People's Republic of Kampuchea at large considered as a vassalage of communist Vietnam, which is former King Norodom Sihanouk has always stated that he would never recognize any border treaties with Viet Nam signed after 1969. At this point interestingly Mr. Hun Sen had not only violated Cambodia Constitution but done it boldly according to experts based (KI News) on the following:

Since a royal decree has the power of a law, neither the King nor the Government has the power to make this kind of executive-made law. Any law has to be made by the only constitutional law-making body, which is the National Assembly representing the sovereign Cambodian people. In its substance (article 2, paragraph 6), the above royal decree is unconstitutional because it gives the President of the National Border Authority, i.e. the Prime Minister, the power to sign international treaty/agreement, which under the Constitution is vested with the King in his capacity as Head of State.

Over times Mr. Hun Sen has relentlessly maneuvered every possibility such as putting forward the 14 June 2005 Royal Decree creating the National Border Authority which he arbitrarily subjugated the King to accept him as the signatory of any border treaty with neighboring countries, especially Vietnam, which is categorically unparallel with the very Constitution which uphold your vested authority. In fact, Mr. Hun Sen failed to have former king consent in 1993 but the new King Norodom Sihamoni appeared endorsing him in 2005.

For its part, the Vietnamese government is also emphasizing the great importance of the signing of a supplementary agreement on the 1985 land border treaty as it dispatched its high ranking official who had also admitted the difficulties at the conference recently in Siem Reap. Now the ball is in the National Assembly court where you are in the position to influence the National Assembly including the opposition to do the right thing in voicing out people concerns and dissention over this long over due neglected matter.

In all regards, your Highness knew it well that Viet Nam has continually annexed much of Cambodia remaining territory since 1800's. Yet it has not stopped; therefore; the Cambodia National Assembly can duly put a stop to this nonsense treaty. It appears Mr. Hun Sen can do so much for so long but the very people will appreciate your determined position to let him know enough is enough.

Sire, whether you personally choose to do other wise but the very mouthpiece of Mr. Hun Sen powerhouse had indicated it is up to you at this juncture. Undeniably this matter concerned us all and we insist that your Highness be not a goat for the sake of your conscience and people who had died for you and your family not long ago. People and each of us abroad in spite of each of our differences appreciate your esteemed action to defy treachery once for all.

I am grateful for your interest and time in this matter.

Kok Sap,
Fellow compatriot

SUBMITTED BY: Kok Sap, Email: koks....@yahoo.com Wed, 5 Oct 2005

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