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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hypothetical Scenario:

Hypothetical Scenario:
Wouldn’t it be???

August 28, 2005
By Kok Sap

It scares the day light out of me for Cambodia and my fellow compatriots as I thought of this scenario in my head:
” If Sihanouk would die of his terminal cancer before next election and the new young and docile King would be on the job for less than 42 months with no solid allegiance from people and foreign friend such as China.”

Wouldn’t it be possible for Cambodia to repeat China syndrome in the 40’s after Dr. Sun Yat Sen the leader of democratic revolution confined the last Emperor Pu Yi in Forbidden City until he exiled himself to Japan which it later artificially made him Emperor of the colonized territory of Manchuria. When Japan lost the war to the peasant Emperor Mao Tse Dung who sneakily arm twisted the Sun Yat Sen revolutionaries and republicans alike to finish off China last imperial blood line in prison and proclaimed China as his new proletarian empire.

What would the peasant King Hun Sen do to Cambodia monarchy? Would he confine young Sihamoni in the Palace liked his great leap mentor Pol Pot did in 1976 to Sihanouk and his followers?

Wouldn’t Hun Sen arrest all royalty and send them off to Koh Trolach? Wouldn’t the peasant King Hun Sen exile all royalty to China and enthrone himself? Wouldn’t Hun Sen eliminate all of his contenders in CPP to monopolize all the power? Wouldn’t he run the lotus kingdom in the shadow of obsolete monarchy?

Wouldn’t Hun Sen self proclaim as the new rightful heir of Cambodia leadership for life in the form of absolute republic like Kim Jong Il of North Kolea?

Would it not be impossible if any of these would not happen to Cambodia again? Hope not.

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Mon, 29 Aug 2005

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