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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cambodia Needs New,Fresh Dynamic

There are several thousand politicians in the country but it appears only a handful qualified for Premiership or the Assembly Speaker. Undeniably that grants Princely Rannaridh or Prime Minister Hun Sen tremendous power in suppressing potential rivalry in ministerial or mid level executive ranks. The impression is Cambodia will is not functional if both of them continue to serve as head of Executive or Legislative Branches. Barely 2005 ending, Samdech Krom Preah Rannaridh started his Wai tuk bong oeul trey prophetic propaganda already. Isn't he too anxious?

It appears that Legislative Chief begins to wield power in crossing line of Executive Branch , supposedly under Prime Minister jurisdiction,he threatens to do without individual partisan whom he thinks is not up to par.That should be Prime Minister discretionary call then submit it to Legislatures for approval, right? It is likely not only a confusion but plain conflict of jurisdiction and interest. Cambodia is still in state of divisive as my people and your people in term of true and valid democracy.

Timely 2008 are still far ahead yet and those endeavor democratic change need to pay close attention. Cambodia needs a fresh and new dynamic system of democracy to replace its present dilapidated and backward politic.

Without true non violent change and democracy in place Cambodia will live in inferior complexity, fear, and poverty ever. The world will abandon Cambodia once again if we, the people, do not take our own initiative. Let's take up responsibility to uplift the spirit of freedom and democracy in keeping Cambodia alive.

By Kok Sap

Email: koks....@yahoo.com

Mon, 5 Sep 2005

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