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Monday, October 10, 2005

Sihanouk Third Kingdom Prophecy

Sihanouk Third Kingdom Prophecy
October 10, 2005
By Kok Sap

Given all situations in Cambodia, the self-acclaimed Ultra Nationalist and the former Great Heroic King had denounced and pronounced none of the regimes and governmental forms could out play his Mono Mano sugar coated Socialistic inclined Party known as Sangkum Reastra Niyum then. We wonder if he is able to do the right thing for his own conscience before his eternally rest. Most acquainted with former monarch hands on every detail in Cambodia politic style had not ruled out that the former king is still very attached to his subjects if they would appeal his consideration to personally save them from dictatorial dominance.

In retrospect the former king is more appealing than all politicians combined including all of his sidekicks: the bad, the scrupulous, and the evil. No arm force or real treasury at his disposal, he made the hard core communist politicians at Yuon disgruntles to accept and enthrone his last legitimate son, Norodom Sihamoni, the most apolitically experienced as new King quite effortlessly after his calculated second abdication.

After the fact to measure up his subject loyalty, he abruptly broadcasted his shadowed independence via legitimate sovereignty movement once again. This time he explicitly expressed his endeavor to bring about change in Cambodia sovereign integrity and political landscape which has shaken his evil sidekick steadily. Relatively this topic had both provoked the most personal and inner sentiment of the people regardless of political affiliation. Subsequently that personally put his evil sidekick on cliffs edge.

As a seasoned Independence Crusader at old age the 2008 election seems not far fetch for the former king who may do unimaginable damages to current Yuon domineered ruling party politic while having his breakfast of salty egg and porridge at his palace in Beijing. Definitely, it would be his ultimate goal to secure royalty and monarchy continual existence in the shadow of shattered CPP doubled mirror. This advertent phenomenal is in the making for a new ruler who could internally and externally uninstall and uproot national nemesis influence.

Other hands if he really chose to run, he needs no extraordinaire campaign platform but the holistic anti-corruption and restoration of borders alone to woo people and international donors' assistance with simple Pancca Sila resolutions: Admit his sincerity upon his past mistakes and ask people to allow his last chance to redress them before it is too late,

Call upon armed forces to keep national order as people call for vote of NO CONFIDENCE in current administration and legislative body inability to uphold Cambodia Constitution fully,

To indict and sentence the convicted of heinous crime and plundering people fund to life in prison with hard labor such as sweeping streets of all government property, and central market sites daily,

Demand responsibility of legislatures to improve citizen quality of living and reduction of non transparency by confiscating and accounting all assets and property belong to the convicted and sentenced corruptive officials for the state treasury disposal,

To explicitly express this will be his final noble deed to restore people and country dignity before death. That may be enough to spark the orderly democratic and peaceful revolution to reinstate true democracy of Cambodia government once for all. With own cognizance, the former king may just fulfill his own prophecy before his own eyes as the riddle unfolding its meaning as "the small slender king shall rule the three kingdoms." In fact he had ruled two kingdoms so far; therefore; to attain the third one he will be at services of his own son the king as Prime Minister and guardian angel to guaranty the grand stand of his final political doing. This is fatherly deed to protect own children interest. If this to happen, the evils may need to practice reading own eulogies after digging hole for own burials on Koh Ach Khmer in South China Sea. The former great heroic King bears the solution and if it is true for his proclamation of a grand nationalist.

SUBMITTED BY: Kok Sap, Email: koks....@yahoo.com Mon, 10 Oct 2005

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