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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cambodia Treacherous Mascot

Cambodia Treacherous Mascot
By Kok Sap
August 24.2005

For years Mr. Norodom Sihanouk has been known as Cambodia main mascot to the outside world via China back door. Sihanouk is a known champion of vulgarity and public indecency in Cambodia airwave back in his glorious days. He shamelessly used national radio as his launching pad for his irresponsible and self serving agendas.

Now he couldn't do it anymore yet he has heavily relied on cyber page which is his mere goal to seek foreign approval and pity. Westerners treated Sihanouk no less of instable sickening mind person. The same breath France and Viet Nam treated Sihanouk no less than its non paid colonial-feudal do boy. Presently too many intelligent and informed younger Cambodians begin to see Sihanouk as nothing more but a yellow belly politician who habitually committed treacherous acts against Cambodia.

As Viet Nam is desperately imploring US strategic support posture in the South China Sea to weigh out its ancient nemesis China domination we see China is starting to look for its do boy alternative to do away with Sihanouk. To protect its interest in former Indo-Khmer peninsula, China is prompting Cambodia once again to leverage out Viet Nam's ingrate hand biting nature.

Recently Hun Sen has frequented and asserted his boldness to impress China in speaking for Myanmar 2006 leadership role in the rubber stamp ASEAN club. Momentary Hun Sen has screwed Sihanouk over royally already as we speak. Evidently China plays a liaison double to elevate Hun Sen in the eye of US and other main players at the UN to brush off Viet Nam emerged Phan Van Khai in the shadow of US reconciliatory.

Therefore, it is logical for the profiteering China to side with Hun Sen.

At the same token Japan has befriended with Hun Sen in order for it to undermine China as it bolsters up its quest for UN Permanent Security Council seat. As the world observes not very long Mr. Hun Sen portrait will be hailed and hung next to Mao Tse Dung in Tien An Mien square. Who knows Sihanouk's palatial housing in Beijing may hand down to Hun Sen in case when people got tired of his dictatorial rule in near future.

Momentary Hun Sen has screwed Sihanouk over royally. Thus far in the eyes of China Hun Sen is more valuable than tiger testicles (China popular sexual booster) ever before in term of geopolitical strategy. Oddly, Hun Sen pledged support to world reactionary imperialistic ONE CHINA endeavor as the pacifist Tibet and Taiwan struggling for independence and free of China annexation.

As always China apparently does not do thing without its meticulous and well calculated agendas. May be China may finance Sihanouk funeral and a burial site next to Ho Chi Minh if Hun Sen finally removed Sihanouk from world politic for good.

For Cambodia, Sihanouk had never been the gentleman of statesmanship of Cambodian heritage at all but the worldly tyrant and mass murderer master of the century. To many compatriots he is nothing more but a China made wind chime hung at the windows of his Mao's mausoleum. How rubbish Sihanouk to Cambodia then?

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Wed, 24 Aug 2005

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