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Monday, September 05, 2005

Former King Open letter to UN Court dated and posted on September 1, 2005

The Honorable Norodom Sihanouk
Former King of Cambodia
Official Residence,
15 Dong Jiao Min Xiang
Beijing 100006, China.

Subject: Former King Open letter to UN Court dated and posted on September 1, 2005

Dear Mr. Sihanouk:

First of let me say thank you for the opportunity but before I go on I wish to point out that I have adhered to your decree on how to address you or proper salutation after your abrupt abdication.

Sir, frankly I am not impressed of your half hearted and history stated in letter addressing to the UN sponsored Court in regard to the long overdue tragic events before and after April 17, 1975 which despicably led to worst heinous crime in century done by people of whom you referred in this letter. Nonetheless the essence of this letter had not shown clear credibility of your claimed totally innocence of such crimes.

Undeniably Cambodia was ruled and suppressed by whether you and your governments up to the day that your very creation of National Salvation Government led by your very own friends and trust worthy generals Lon Nol Sisowath Sirikmatak at the urge of people representatives via your own well calculated plots to remove yourself from responsibility of your bilateral contractual agreement (treaties) executed by you and your paternal allies Viet Cong and Hanoi government personnel. Notably this self incriminatory evidence you dared not expressing of any bit in your entire letter.

On personal note, both generals especially Prince Sisowath Sirikmatak who shared your lineage and blood but he was more courageous and loyal to his homeland. He could have fled, but refused French diplomats invitation to leave his people. Too many mortals including French diplomats surprise, he showed his manly conviction of love for his motherland and feared not death done by your DK elements.

Other hand General Lon Nol with agony of half body paralysis versus life and death decision at the US final urge to leave Phnom Penh. The last we saw of him as he waved and cried out loud like a true patriot who felt unease of what would happen to people he left behind. All the times of his rule General Lon Nol had not belittled you or your blood line. He went out of his ways to provide safe passages for your ailing mother and your son Prince Rannaridh and family to join you abroad. With this gesture General Lon Nol showed how genuine a friend he was and died with dignity and more mercy in his heart.

As for Mr. Son Ngoc Thanh had done what necessary for his beloved country and made ways for you to be known as the Father of Cambodia Independence from France. He showed no bitterness and ego against you and yet expressively pointed out the dangers resulted from your sweetheart relations with Viet Cong and Hanoi to his fellow compatriots. Categorically you owed the gentlemen Prime Ministers: General Lon Nol, Mr. Son Ngoc Thanh, and your Princely relative Sisowath Sirikmatak the eternal apology and obligation.

The US's CIA and Defense strategies have pointed out in letter that you were actually in violation of UN recognized non aligned and neutrality act since you switched allegiance from US in 1964. Sometimes, you have ignored that US, in fact, is one of the Permanent Security Council who steer the UN. Undoubtedly some keys players in DK regime as you have noted in letter were also claimed to be the instigators of violent protest in raiding US embassy in Phnom Penh in 1964. This may be a retaliation that no one knew surely but you. For this, you purposely omitted it for own skin sake. Everyone knew that you were no less but the trigger of such revolt. Many accounts showed you had arbitrarily dodged every question and delayed every of its inspection request. Since Cambodia had never been treated the same in the eye of UN Commission of Neutrality led by Poland.

The documents and history included your closed high ranking officers' witnesses proving the non transparency policy crafted by you in sheltering Viet Cong and serving as its primary arm conduit which was indeed a violation of your own declaration and UN. Some of them are still alive and well abroad. They said you were the primary haven of Viet Cong who subsequently manipulated the arm struggle between Khmer Nationalists as you conveniently called Lon Nolans and Khmer Rouge Rebel once you condemned that turned DK later which in fact you were their worldly victorious leader. In common sense as the leader you were responsible for everything they did whether at your direct or indirect directives.

You have said so people have the right to seek justice and defend themselves so should the country when its leader betrayed his own conscience and willingly in service of enemy agendas. In this case of whom other than US, that the very Cambodia government created by you should logically turn to for arm and financial assistance since the national treasury and arm forces was allegedly plundered under your watch. Can you please people in this with the exactly treasury and asset accounts at the moment you still at the helm before March 18, 1970. Can you also please people on what rational you had eliminated arm forces almost entirely as you were so intimidated by state enemy then?

Many sources and well respected intellectuals whom you also labeled as Thanhists and Nolans persistently pointed out that your leadership were hyperventilated and out of venue to appease US sympathy which you left the country under false pretense to allow the National Salvation Government under General Lon Nol lead opportunity to trump up US support to rid Viet Cong whom you had so much difficulties with then. Can you please people curiosity on this? In regard to that was it not true you had secretly sent letters to Kissinger and Nixon and lowly implored their assistance?

Again in 1979, was it true you cried out loud and sneakily begged Mr. Richard Holbrook mercy to haul you away from your beloved comrade Ieng Sary unrelenting watch at the UN? Was it not true you played US secret services and US Department of State to gain momentum from China in rendering unconditional assistance to you including your palatial residence staffed in hundred personnel in Beijing? Wasn't it an interest of Cambodia salvation or yours and crony skin?

Many people thought you were true Buddhist but we awkwardly shame to say that you have had breached every one of Panca Sila not to mention the Eight or Ten ones. You must need to reevaluate what you have done to Cambodia and citizens up to now. Repeatedly you have said one thing and done the other. It is to our dismay and disheartening to continue hearing you bashing the innocent who truly loyal to their mother and father land. A true statesman should ever utter such vulgarity against people who sheltered and forgave you for what you failed them over and over.

In belief each and every one of us was born naked and cried out loud to pronounce our suffering in entering the world yet live on. This means from birth on up you and the rest of us are not different in humanity. The real difference is that we make a man out of ourselves, our deeds, and true allegiance to our birth rights. In your letter shows there are so many differences in you as far as first being a man not to say as a statesman.

Retrospectively what you have said here was one thing what we have seen and witnessed have been other things. Which one of you shall people trust and believe? Overtly you have expressed your love for your families and children in this we are not less different than you. For the longest time you have also claimed you are adherent to laws of man made and god but up to this point there are so many evidences of your violations.

One thing to consider that each of us still has common intelligence and dignity to judge your deeds based on history and human conscience. It is my hope for my loved ones who cruelly perished during your DK regime shall reap confidence of the legal prudence, morality and weight of human dignity. I laud the relentless effort of UN and the humanitarian nations to bring closure to survivors and families in spite of implied objection. Thus the humanitarian court shall prevail and eventually determine any guilt and crime which you have perpetuated upon Cambodia people.

I thank you for your letter and time.


Prak Hap
Survivor of Killing Fields

Email: koks....@yahoo.com

September 3, 2005

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