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Monday, May 09, 2005

Sihanouk Incredulously Bias

Sihanouk Incredulously Bias
By Prak Hap May 8, 2005

In the wake of recent development of the so called Supreme Border Council of seven members headed by former King, Mr. Sihanouk, has grabbed many headlines in Cambodia press circle including state manipulated TVK. Apparently Cambodia real detrimental problems i. e UN KR Trial, Human Rights Deprivation, Reduction of Poverty have been cleverly diverged by the true masters once again. Relatively all played down as non-urgent.

On May 5, 2005 Mr. Sihanouk made known to his targeted website surfers most external and non Cambodians likely press that he was not granting audience to people advocates such Mr. Sean Peng Se, Mr. Sam Raingsi and Ms. Chak Saroeun prior to the so called official meeting scheduled for May 11, 2005 at his residence in Beijing due to his eminent physician order and avoiding appearance of reconciliatory with opposition of CPP+ FUNC agendas.

I assumed these three individuals may not be strangers to his residence and diner companionship in the recent past. I am wondering why he is denying his acquaintances request to privately and sincerely pay his royal homage. Two strokes already within few weeks of his announcement, first the delayed return and meeting then the second denials of his own responsibility that France ceded lands to neighbors but not his fore bearers, or DK-PRK's Hun Sen- his immediate superior.

Obviously Mr. Sihanouk curled up in his own created biases and self-excuses. He shamelessly linked up his own poor excuses with France's Napoleonic's likened Pol Pot personas who slaughtered millions and had allowed Siam or An Nam to carved up Khmer territories prior to Nay Duong or the French protectorate arrival. For the record Sihanouk liked to relive the Napoleonic personas and glory as he wished was his own. Unfortunately he was no Napoleonic nor was Cambodia no France then or now.

Is there CPP conditional and fearful directive upon its subordinate namely Sihanouk from revealing?

With this scenario reminded many of us of the DK-FUNK 75-91 scare tactic to hold people hostage under their suppressive and dictatorial control. No one dared to resist or displeased rulers otherwise the rest of family would be accounted for the fatal consequences. Undoubtedly this reflected CPP's Hun Sen convenient leverage and very same tactic to blackmail Mr. Sihanouk as his naive son King and the rest of his royal clans be easily contained by CPP supreme enforcer order. Once Cambodia record shown Mr. Sihanouk was a fearful Maccu Raj (King of Death) but today that authority belongs to his superior instead.

Unadvisedly Mr. Iron Fists got a grab of Mr. Sihanouk by the be-all (the usual discretely where and what), therefore, his Endeavour is not so immune and impartial as he would have claimed to be. Clearly he was not as smart as many seemed to think.

This is his last breath to implore Hun Sen for merciful amnesty and pardon if the UN sponsored KR Trial found him guilty of heinous crime against humanity. The sentence could carry out after his death as he personally had ordered Dap Chhuon Mochul Pech body chained up to the grave site as a stern warning to the livings that treason was the serious crime even after death the victim still bore eternal court sentence and some form of imprisonment.

According to Buddhist teaching, Mr. Sihanouk has willfully violated Pancca Sila and Eight Fold Paths profoundly. Therefore his bad deeds slowly come to haunt him and oblige his siblings to weigh in their share while still living. All of his words and deeds or whatsoever were groundless and incredible.

The history has shown over and over how cruel Sihanouk was and all about him and cliques not Cambodia people. Therefore it is time for all to re-evaluate his action and responsibility to safe keep lives and nation from his self delusion and disorientation.

Please don't mistake wolf hidden violent nature for a shepherd dog appearance. Wake up people, Sihanouk is no friend of your dead or alive family members as he had colluded with colonialist France and expansionist An Nam, devious killers, and dictators for all of his living years.

SUBMITTED BY: prak hap
Email: prak....@hotmail.com

Sun, 8 May 2005

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