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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sihanouk Victory Day

April 17,1975 Sihanouk Victory Day

By Prak Hap April 12,2005


The day is here for the victims families,my heart filled with sorrows and my eyes filled with tears as I enter the morning of the gruesome day. Please look at a check list that former King memory has the responsibility to invoke this hellish day that he claimed his vengeful victory anniversary celebration.

As the result of his failures to carryout his vested duty people removed him from his office accordingly in 1970. But the dispirited Sihanouk took anger out on over 3 million peoples starting 1970 until1993.

Relatively the infamous Killing Fields was Sihanouk own diligence and ingenuity. In triumph on April 17,1975 he had punished Cambodia for its rejection of his treacherous and unethical rule in 1970. The world knew and yet he categorically denied of all accounts of his indicative heinous involvements.

Hence if April 17,1975 never happened the three million individuals would die at old age after fulfilled family obligation and duty.Cambodia might have been nearly 20 million citizen nation now. Secretive authorization for China's proxy Viet Nam sanctuary and arms conduit,

  • Secretive authorization for China's proxy Viet Nam sanctuary and arms conduit,
  • President of the Great Leap Forward Revolution after March 18,1970,
  • High Command position in DK liberation army communiques,
  • Cruel evacuation to uproot societal orders and systems,
  • Execution Khmer Republic army,
  • School closures and abolished modern functionality,
  • Mass enslavement, torture, stravation and forced laborous quotas,
  • Deprivation of fundamental human rights,
  • Use many temples or schools as execution centers or prisons,
  • Turn rice fileds to killing fields,
  • His actions led Pham Van Dong to reinvade Cambodia on December 25,1978,
  • 1979 obedient mouthpiece for Pol Pot at UN,
  • Granted DK tyrants and murderers amnesty.

    How can he sleep and live with himself by knowing he had audaciously violated the Buddhist very fundamental Panca Sila and inflicted pain and suffering upon not one individual but millions that is not only a disgrace to his children but Cambodia history and humanity altogether. People should give him the following post pothumous titles as the Kambuja king of death (Maccu Raj) ,Sangkum Reast Ningyum ingrateful prince,and royal family ever immoral example.

    SUBMITTED BY: Sacrava
    Email: Sacr......@aol.com

    Sat, 16 Apr 2005

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