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Monday, April 25, 2005



By Prak Hap
April 22,2005

How insulting to all with morality. This is the last thing that mordacious Sihanouk had done to turn society not only heartless but no soul. RGC’s just sold one of the main Killing Fields sites Choeung Ek to Japan’s profit making organization according to news today.

How this happened? Well the game began in late 60 or early 70 with maniac Sihanouk. He called upon and misled people to rise up against Khmer people who bravely fought his uncle and revered mentor Ho Chi Minh Viet Cong’s peasantry hero, the real historical enemy of Cambodia people.

Illusory Sihanouk blind believers turned murderous DK who killed off millions. Then the in fight broke ranks at the urge of Viet Cong turned Unifier of Viet Nam to split and toppled Sihanouk’s courageous DK liberation army in 1978.The turned coat DK known as PRK submitted and manned by Viet Nam former Thieu- Ky soldiers as its liberation army.

While we, the conscionable ones, demand justice for our loved ones who were killed by the living Maccu Raj Sihanouk soldiers of death 30 years ago, he at one hand overtly pardoned the DK’s killers and other caressed the compulsive PRK’s sell out.

Mr.. Kofi Annan UN Secretary just finished begging the world for funding for the Genocide Trial on Cambodia behalf and at the same time RGC’s unscrupulous Kep Chutama Governor of Phnom Penh just finished signing a selling deal of DK victims’ skulls to a profit making organization from imperial Japan. How immoral that is?

After long gone 30 years, most murderers were dead or pardoned by their ill will leader Sihanouk who is now telling people what he wants people to do with his body after he died. Outlandish son of the hell raiser, no shame, no remorse whatsoever, damn the religion he belongs to.

Just an idea since it was OK for him to pardon DK murderers and let PRK sell killing fields remains why won’t RGC strongman sell Sihanouk body after death as well. The phenomenal sell price may break Japan banks over night. Out of the deal, RGC can pay for the entire KR Trial cost and there may be a left over to buy back the Choeung Ek memorial site from humanity profiteer Japan. May be that’s why his never had son alias Iron Lips kept stalling the court process for all these times.

Now we begin to see how the game ending.

I have thought Sihanouk is more than a coward who denied own sins even knowing death is at the door step. People should never forgive his hypocrisy and curse upon his grave since how he has recklessly disgraced Cambodia. In the spirit of victims, May hell befell upon his soul eternally.

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Sat, 23 Apr 2005

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