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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How Long the Lotus Kingdom II Continues its Senseless Dances?

March 22,2005
How Long the Lotus Kingdom II Continues its Senseless Dances?
By Prak Hap

The eminent abuse of power and corruption are Cambodia facts of life. If we look at its political dominos in term of overly representation of 13 millions versus 20 provinces which interpreted Senatorial (3.05) or half of the Assembly (6.15) per province in performance and results. Cambodia does not safeguard millions whose life still depend on sun, moon,land free of the neighboring countries encroachment, or corporates and officials illegal take over of rightful ownership, and mercy of unpredictable disastrous climates.

According to 2003 US Department of State report “Cambodia GDP was approximately $4,000,000,000 and Khmer ( not immigrants) family income was approximately $282 annually or $0.78 per day.” Technically average Khmer works year round in order to barely live with no paid days off. The national awesome budgetary still relies on foreign donations. The extraordinaire legislative branches took a lumpsome out of its donation annual budget accordingly: Assembly $2,000 x123 x 12=$2,952,000 and Senate $2,000 x 61 x 12=$1,464,000.

Comparatively, it takes common folk 91 days to catch up with one day of an average senatorial earning based on the average less than $1 per day out of 365 days vs individual Senatorial earning $90.90 per day out of 22 work days excluding all perks and extensive privileges. Legislative session may last from 2 to 6 months per year and the remaining time the elected individuals can float and do nothing but still entitles to full $2,000 allowance likely without income tax. Most of these guys can afford abroad trips and foreign health services or education for their kids. No ethical and moral examplary in the governance from top to bottom.

Contrarily, average folk has no access to very basic health care services, or basic education for their children, or daily movement, or ability to use land without interference or inadequate constitutional guaranty of endowed rights to life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How this senate came into existence? Why exactly Cambodia needs such senate to begin with?

No one knows exactly the real reason behind this quickly put together Senate post the anarchic riot in July 1997. The present Senate is non democratic. It is comprised of appointees by dominant political parties or institution of power excluded the independent or DK cliques. Many are either the cliques or remnants of previous regimes such as Khmer Republic or DK turned royalists, Vietnamists then opportunists. These guys did not have to earn people vote but yet have the audacity to legislate laws.

If the voters determined to do away with the senate whose primary job is to obediently echo the Royalty endeavour anyway, the predicament is the current Assembly setting may have to expand from 123 to 184 in total. And at the convenience, the King and the leadership of the Assembly can adjust another or two year if the senate office 5 year term expired with technical mishap. This is the most privilege and lucrative job on Angkor land out of the labourous and systemic enslavement of simple Khmers.

It appears that Cambodia has no longer trusted its own sense of responsibility unless the foreigners said something first. This is the time the Constitutional Council does its job in reviewing what is not needed. Please for the sake of Cambodia people survival, enough extra government of no performance and let people have their say so as stately in the Constitution.

SUBMITTED BY: Prak Hap Email: prak....@hotmail.com Tue, 22 Mar 2005

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