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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Live the Dream of Democracy

March 14,2005
Live the Dream of Democracy
By Prak Hap

Synonymously, Cambodia is Sihanouk Killing Fields and treachery. People of Khmer descents, your land had changed from names to names but the truth remains that you are Khmer who Siam or Annam categorically wished to extinct forever. With clear conscience and pre-meditated intent, Sihanouk committed heinous crime against Khmer Republic people to fulfill his ancestral lineage dream.

Out of cowardness and servitude, the wanna-be enlightened Dhammik former King Sihanouk, has illegally spent people money to aid Khmer hereditary enemies in finishing off the braves who had stood to denounce his un-constitutional and treacherous acts in 50, 60, and 70’s. He personally plundered taxation and national treasury to bankruptcy in serving own erotic and unworthy endeavours. Furthermore his families lived off Khmer blood and toils yet claimed to be divine supreme Buddhists.

For centuries, the royalties are the pedigrees of the ruling Siam or Annam clans with French’s motto diviser peuple Khmer pour regner. In the 1930 French built houses modeled after the Siam’s Chakry dynasty grand palaces of Bangkok to make Siam emisary of Nay Duong royalty brand felt at home. French elevated cultural image of glorious Siam political and diplomatic conquest of Khmer nationalism in the heart of Phnom Penh. To balance out,French ceded more Khmer territories to Annam before colonial departure. Then French entrusted royalty of own incested lines to breathe and behave as French remnants.

After the long cruel and destructive rules of colonials, Khmer generations strive for changes. Many died to fight off the ruling and taxing of European colonials then yet submitted to the spoiled and destituted aristocratic rules which in turn shown no gratitude or credits for Khmers.

March 18,1970 was the precursor day for the courageous patriots and informed generations inspired by the self-determination and democracy vision.The unprecedent democratic process had removed the despots and corrupted god like palace occupants. But unfortunately it did not last long. Some of the braves survived or ended up living abroad or bannished from entering the birthland politic for life unless repent.

Out of personal vengeance, the self proclaimed divine former King Sihanouk of such pedigree turned worldly tyrant atheist Mao–Ho (Nguyen) worshiper who coldheartedly exterminated thousands to millions aspired idealists on April 17,1975. To this day he is profusively in denials of crimes.

No matter how you look at it, Khmer people is still under the foreign lineage and nemesis ruling anyhow as long as the Constitution did not do justice to vote out monarchy for good. Therefore the 35th anniversary of the Dream of Republic will be just another unscripted matter for Khmer history.

The lament will be, if and only if, the Khmer will need not to realize own dream of ideal democracy with self rule of justice, liberty, fraternity, amicably, national integrity, and sovereignity soon enough.

SUBMITTED BY: Prak Hap Email: prak....@hotmail.com Mon, 14 Mar 2005

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