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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Big DADA is Coming, Don't Worry We Are Family

Big DADA is Coming, Don't Worry We Are Family
By Prak Hap
April 27, 2005

During Cold War ( not really cold as it said),Sihanouk willfully conspired and arbitrarily sheltered hundreds of thousand Viet to build hospitals, homes and warehouses to conduct war against US ally South Viet Nam that provoked US fury. He violated his own non aligned neutrality policy in hope Ho Chi Minh would make sure no more violation or returning Prey Nokor to Cambodia ownership if he conquered all Viet Nam. What's the fuzz?

Few days ago, Cambodia press headlined Mr. Hun Sen letter of intent to create a council to oversee Cambodia border problem which was not new or extraordinaire matter as it appeared on the news. People who used to work for Sihanouk when he was King, Head of State, President then King again knew problem well. Of course it is important to preserve territorial integrity and sovereignty but priority is people daily living standard too.

Khmer Republic boldly did protest and fought the Viets illegal occupation. Other hand Sihanouk rallied against and defeated it with heinous penalty on his so called Kaun Chau. At that time Mr. Hun Sen responded to Sihanouk second crusade call and joined the fight for Sihanouk return in 1975. Less than 3 years after his revered President Sihanouk forced retirement, Pol Pot and Dracula Mok led incursions and raids along Viet Nam border (old Khmer territory given to Viets by French in 1949) in the illusion to recapture its permanent control.

In 1977 President Khieu Samphan, Ph. D and his DK government demanded Viet Nam and others to respect Kampuchea 1960 border lines over the radio with severe ultimatum if not responsive. When the clashes ensued, Mr. Hun Sen responded to another call except this time from Sihanouk revered mentor, Viet Nam, to rise up and topple Sihanouk's own created murderous DK in 1978.

After that Sihanouk was not so nice and made Hun Sen his enemy with all name calling and derogative remarks about Khmeng wat Hun Sen government in 80 and 90. Surprisingly when they both met face to face in Djakarta to broker peace negotiation, Sihanouk was envious and jealous of Hun Sen ability then begged him over lavish dinner to be his adopted son with the elevated rank as Samdech afterward.

Less than three weeks ago Samdech Hun Sen responded to another crusade call from his beloved adopted father Sihanouk open letter demanding Cambodia proper boundary respect from neighboring countries especially Viet Nam. Swiftly Samdech Hun Sen sent letter to his adopted little brother King Sihamoni proposing the creation of Border Council before he and his elder brother Samdech Kom Pah RRidh president of Assembly jointly paid visit their gravely ill father who may not live past that weekend.

Upon the King return the news broke out Sihanouk was not that bad and with concurrence from elder brother Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen, both made big DADA Sihanouk as the Chairman of such undefined role Border Supreme Council to straighten up Viet Nam government of his late Apouk chenhchem Ho Chi Minh followers once for all and for good.

This is clever but predictable politic so far. During 70's Sihanouk used DK to topple Khmer Republic then in the 80’s he used DK, Republican inclined KPLNF and monarchist to topple PRK but failed miserably and ended up dissolving his own CGC. Late Mr. Son Sann camouflaged as republican and led KPNLF to fight alongside with Sihanouk then kicked them on the shin in 1991 as he declared his allegiance to monarchy. Now Mr. Sam Rainsy who appears as rival to monarchists and DK-PRK but will appease to Sihanouk own call. Beware the present opposition behaves not far from So Sann then.

Sihanouk who was terminally ill and almost died last weekend according to his elder son RRidh but miraculously, with a new job title Mr. Sihanouk seemed in full recovery and spirit offering to physically walk miles and miles of frontier lines to search for the long gone demarcation markers. Dawn it, he is 83 year old to perform this daunting task which it should be more meaningful and suitable when he was a stud King then.

The consolation is all in Sihanouk family matter, so Cambodia people are in good hands especially those who recently lost land to Viets can relax now because Big DADA is coming. Thus Viet Nam better be ready to comply to his elderly statesman and kinship or else. He will tell his Apouk Chenhchem Zhou En Lai worshipers to repeat 1979 lesson to Viet Nam once again if Viet Nam ignored him? Best of luck big DAH!

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Wed, 27 Apr 2005

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