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Friday, March 04, 2005


March 3,2005
By Prak Hap-FLUS

The newly packaged extra size government reportedly of 300 cream of the crops was bound in agreement to abide the top 72 priorities as its plan for this term? Unfortunately, February 3,2005 event took precedence over the real hot problems. Cambodia Constitution states Assembly is the people therefore does the real people know about the real problem yet?

Framework of Constitution is farcically convenient for self-serving agenda. Executive Branch or the so called Administration is still absent of transparency and moral duty. Members of the government continue to abuse code of ethics and duly sworn accountability.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Opening: in less than six weeks will be the 30th anniversary of the Killing Fields. It is apparent the melodramatic Democracy and Human Rights are still repressively melancholy. What are the remedies?

Territorial integrity: Viet Nam still violates Cambodia border, matters are the future and guaranty of people who live on their ancestral land. According to one of the lead citizen advocates, Mr.Sean Peng Se, on behalf of Committee of Cambodia Border based in Europe and those interested in abroad, many treaties are supposed to be rescinded by the Assembly with his Majesty seals and signatories. Therefore the government and the monarch alike duly task is to see to it promptly. What’s the progress on this?

Corruption and Poverty Reduction: World lending bodies and donors alike made insults and demands in the face of this esteemed extra extraordinaire extra large government many times over. Reported acknowledgement of the rampant corruptions including governmental self-destructive conducts are overwhelmingly present. Needless to say more upon years passed and found no evidence of corrective. Where is the Assembly good faith and responsibility to meet the obligation. Who is responsible in the corrective action to ensure friendly lending banks demands? When will it start on these?

Sympathetic countries warn to lift sanction and embargo on trade against Cambodia as a whole. Economy and Commerce are servitude of foreign unscupulous investors. Taxation vs extortion, illegal logging, and smuggling are still usual means of the low governmental posts to discover nouveau riches. Who’s accountable for the officials unscrupulous conducts?

Good sounding Education is impetus to the human resource and capital needs but
the long overdue ineptness and unaccountability still perpetuate the disparity gap of the great majority needs. No innovation,descipline, and self-reliance spirit to assure population competency to compete with world standard labor and market.It has to take responsibility to lead people to depend not the donation but own ernest resilience. Who’is to blame for uncontrolable unemployment and anti social behaviors in the real society?

List can go on and on but let just pause here momentarily and allow the worldly esteemed Assembly time to forge its altruistic nationalism.Since some of the long time top echelon officials felt there was nothing give them more ecstacy but to serve the people. Let’s all agree and re-entrust the task which is clearly conscientionable on the Assembly part now. Be mindful, there is no excuse to turn on people demands of action.We are watching and so are the donors.

Momentary as the result of ”To Do orTo Do Not” the world is impatiently working against people hence Assembly.

Khmer land withstands the snake in the grass from the west and the rancorous beast from the east.

SUBMITTED BY: Prak Hap Email: prak....@hotmail.com Thursday, 3 March 2005

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