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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hail Dishonorable Hun Sen 3rd REICH in 2008

By Prak Hap
February 18, 2005

FLUS HAIL DISHONORABLE HUN SEN 3rd REICH in 2008 All PRK- CPP superiors, Heng Samrin and Chea Sim, were scared the day light out of Cambodia current Prime Minster, Mr. Hun Sen who emerged as a strong grip ruler ranked number 2 in People Republic of Kampuchea ’s Cambodian People Party food chain since Democratic Kampuchea lost the game to pro Viet regime, PRK. Recently he has capriciously declared his intent to stay in the job that Viet Nam Bo Doi put him in up until 2012.He rose to this job five years or so after Viet Nam occupied and ran Cambodia through two of his predecessors who appeared to be leaning toward Khmer interests. Mr. Chan Si ended up dead and Mr. Pen Sovan was imprisoned then brandished as a PRK outcast. Viet Nam had not failed its intent in ruining Khmer national dignity.

As you can see, every of his plan worked if his every work planned. He applied his very own ways in his political aspiration. Based on his futuristic predicament” people might have to select him for the job again until 2012. His absence, due to either unexpected natural or man made incident or removal from job, would instantaneously result Cambodia government dissolution, or else” This is not from psychic crystal ball but his very own mouth. Mr. Hun Sen presented his next new 5 year plan while he just barely started this current obese government.

The rumble in Parliament on February 3, 2005 was just a warm up and sent shocking waves rumbling through Cambodia. Sam Rainsy Party very President Mr. Sam Rainsy himself was the first causality of the misfortune politic. That got the retired divine King attention but the co-conspirators R.Ridh and Hun Sen did not budge. Present King scared to say much of nothing even US Senators directly and personally insulted him. Not a finger rose to stop what happened in Parliament that day. Young King is inexperienced and intimidated by I O U deal to Mr. Hun Sen, Chea Sim, and Heng Samrin.

Surprisingly, World Bank did not keep its words. It deliberately softened its critical stances against Mr. Hun Sen administration. In plain politic that is called an endorsement of confidence. This institution sent double messages to Hun Sen’s CPP. Weeks ago, the very World Bank had criticized and threatened to withdraw all its financial aid from Cambodia. Then its President Mr. Wolfenson had just ended his tour in Cambodia last week and abruptly bowed in with his eyes closing and praising Cambodia progresses. Is this man sane or else? What are the progresses?

May be he means rampant poverty and official corruption.

The plain and simple predicament if Mr. Hun Sen will win his third Reich in 2008, Cambodia may witness premature abdication due to royal custom required King to have queen or Chief Consort to stay in throne. Since the present King seems not care about women and rather be dancing than ruling, logically R. Ridh will be finally voted in as King with his newly found young lover on his side as Chief Consort (in lay term extra sex partner) according to 2nd Constitutional package implementation. Possibly Prince Sereivuth will be automatically next President of the Parliament and Executive Deputy Premier. It will be perfect for Cambodia since these Princes never held real job in the past to begin with. For the future fate of SRP-Sam Rainsy, he may be brandished as what former King Sihanouk did to his late father ,Sam Sary, then.

Under Cambodia present condition, former King is tempting to challenge PRK-CPP rogue leader Mr. Hun Sen. But of course former King may choose to anoint a son he never had ,Hun Sen, to take after his legacy.

1989 Beijing, China Front left Chairman Sihanouk, China President Back left co-conspirators Son Sann (dec.), Vice Chr Khieu Sampan Long overdue Khmer Rouge tribunal continues to falter due to insufficient fund, witnesses are dying out, and governmental unaccountability remains unnoticed. The same breath, former GRUNK Chairman Sihanouk who must be put on stance for cross examining against his counter part Vice Chairman Khieu Samphan and DK Deputy Prime Minister Ieng Sary who had received immunity from former King Sihanouk ,himself. If the former King Sihanouk will be indicted for his crimes against humanity, but it will not happen as the new King R. Ridh will pardon his own father first. 2008 will be the ending date of Khmer Rouge trial worth $56 million.

People of Cambodia by 2012 at the end of HUN SEN’s 3rd REICH OF TOTALITARIANISM, undoubtedly, will be the absolute poorest people on earth. By that time the former King Sihanouk will ingeniously finish his future memoir” Kingship for Dummies” for his grand children.

Mr. Hun Sen who possesses such unscrupulous tactics and killer instinct fit China choice of replacing its mistress former King Sihanouk. China knew this ahead and reversed its policy in 180 degree toward PRK-Cambodia. China will arm twisted Cambodia to follow its path .You can guess what form of regime Cambodia will have then. China will build more governmental complexes, railroads, highways, may be an airport and then soon Cambodia armed forces will be trained under Chinese advisors once again. The world witnessed in 1984 what China People Liberation Army is capable of in 1984 to handle unarmed student demonstrators in Tien An Man square.

For the past 20 years Mr. Hun Sen has learned and adapted world politic from different masters including Pol Pot. People worry of what he is capable of doing to people such as in 1997 Coup d’ Etat. He does not care about the world condemnation or protest let alone what he just did to constitutional officers such Sam Rainsy, Chea Poch, and Cheam Channy. This man reminds us much of Sihanouk in 60’s. Cambodia people better watch out and wake up, history tends to repeat itself in every 20-30 years. Seemingly it is happening now.

SUBMITTED BY: Prak Hap Saturday, 19 Feb 2005

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