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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Corruption scandal at US-financed CCHR

Khmer Intelligence News - 10 September 2006
10 September 2006

Corruption scandal at US-financed CCHR (2)

In today's edition of Khmer-language newspaper "Rasmei Kampuchea" there is a report about a large-scale corruption scandal at the US-financed Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) led by former politician Kem Sokha. Sixteen CCHR employees and former employees accuse Mr. Kem Sokha of corruption leading to serious abuses. Over the last few days the CCHR has just embarked on a well-publicized anti-corruption campaign against the government.

Manipulation of voter lists (2)

There is mounting evidence showing that, through the National Election Committee (NEC), the ruling CPP is manipulating voter lists in order to secure victory for the forthcoming local (2007) and national (2008) elections. The results of those elections are being largely decided now through a biased voter registration process. International observers who will come to monitor the upcoming elections in Cambodia will probably see no irregularities and will likely give their stamp of approval. Few people pay attention to the ongoing early but critical stage of the election process. Electoral tricks used by the CPP and the NEC are detailed here.

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