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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Monogamy or Zip Up Fly or Shut Up in the Chamber Laws, Divergences

By Kok Sap,
August 31, 2006

People have high expectation in each MP as a fellow citizen representative not a yoyo. Please be mindful of people daily chagrins and hardship. If the purposely pending Anti Corruption law enacted accordingly, the polygamy or the offensive speeches especially the grand theft and extortion may take a rest on own initiative. The legislature and Administration kept taken aback about such bill despite of donors and lenders criticisms. All major donors threatened to suspend fund and repayment but that does not bother Saum-dach Hun-Chea- Heng a bit. And the other Saum-dach Prince of Hoods, RRidh, ran off with $30 million.

Recently we all can appreciate Heng Poev in letting public know how evil the current government and its key personalities. Remember, Heng Poev is just a tip of the whole Kahuna corruptive chain. So, the bill is very crucial in reforming the rampant corruption and disenfranchisement in Cambodia. Please stop fooling around and be serious with your high paid salary job. If this law enacted accordingly, the polygamy or the offensive speeches especially the grand theft and extortion might take a rest on own initiative.

The penal codes for corruptive activity ought to be with teeth and might. Then the regular social mischievous drinking, compulsive gambling, brothel visitation, trafficking-smuggling, and selling documents, to build up secret stashes for multiple foxes, as Sihanouk dubbed it, may take caution on own merit. Why all of sudden, monogamy and speech is so urgent? Is it because too close to next election and consultative conference which typically Hun Sen would run his mouth about the corruption law then the donors got soften and forgot all about it.

The National Assembly shall exercise full rights as stated in the Constitution. The Assembly is the Cambodia and its people. It shouldn't have lodged legitimate grievance with the Constitutional Council and King timely since the government head is reneging his duty.
The Constitution stated it so 1/10 of the Assembly can act in the best interest of people and national integrity. It has precedents in the record such as the packaged government vote, the lifting immunity vote, and 50 plus ONE legislation vote, the illegal treaties endorsement etc...

Henceforth, the FUNC and SRP can join force in such nationalistic reformation to curb and limit Prime Minister Office too much of power and authority in implementing policy without conferring the legislatures. Also, the Assembly should limit role in each of MP to hold multi offices while in Parliament. The Prime Minster office is ought to be open to all qualified candidate from participating political party unnecessary only the top echelon leadership. This to prevent dictatorship and conflict of interest before it is gone beyond presently. MP who holds ministerial top post should be excused from MP seat all together. Otherwise the culture of baking and eating cake will still continue unless a new revolution takes place.

The current system is giving too much power to Prime Minister to the degree that he acts belligerently and unilaterally toward the legislatures and Constitution. The Assembly is mandated by people votes to act on their behalf in protecting their interest and national sovereignty. Cambodia got to change the way the government and legislature function in order to balance and check for transparency.
All appear the monarchial and the totalitarian mechanism is still in place. Cambodia is still a corporate since Sihanouk has been studding around his ministers wives in exchange for juicy posts. It had never changed entirely even during the Khmer Republic.

Seemingly so many laws passed with MP showing hands as regularly. There was no forum nor debate or study about any law. That's the violation of privacy. It is coercion and intimidation. Therefore all votes should put into secret ballot for the sake of individual integrity and conscience. This is fundamental rule in democracy. All MP shall act and talk like real people voice not political influenced rubberstamping.

Presently the anarchy in land grabbing and drug smuggling, and social instability may consume Cambodia all together sooner. To uplift morality and transparency, each high office holder must file annual income and asset report with the treasury and national taxation services. If any doubt or suspicion, the legislature moves in with its investigative committee subpoena and court enforcement. The treasury, in turn, takes action in accordance with the laws. Up to this point people may not have to be killed for speaking up against evilness from officials. Daily the government dares to violently manhandling citizens without a flinch, because their representatives neglect duty and allow it. Therefore it is the Assembly job to preserve order and laws. It needs to push hard before next election arrived. The monogamy and draconian laws to intimidate vocal MP can be at ease in the light of the anticorruption law.

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