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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cambodia Law: Adultery, Not in Sihanouk Royal Family Cerebral

Cambodia Law: Adultery, Not in Sihanouk Royal Family Cerebral
(Edited) By Kok Sap
September 8, 2006

Seemingly Sihanouk does not understand how derogative the meaning of adultery. Recently he has poked fun on Heng Samrin newly passed Adultery law. I know Heng Samrin is not quite in direct target zone, the rampant corruption, just yet. However one thing, Sihanouk himself hadn't fully come to grip that all the messes in Cambodia since were his own creation. People of Pol Pot or Heng Samrin and Hun Sen caliber came to power because how delusional Sihanouk had been for the past 37 years to be exact.

Generally speaking, to that matter with minus or plus can, Hun Sen+ which or Sam Rainsy+Saumora or RRidh-Marie or Kem Sokha+how many or Eng Chhay Eang + who or Chak kraum Paung which who or Sok An-which who or Sar Kheng who or Hoc Lung Di lam tin which one or You Hoc Cry who or Kol Pheng who or Monique-which who or Kossamak-which one, or any known personality overtly pronounce as dignified monogamist. Unlikely so,Heng Samrin scored a point ahead of his royal highness beastly nature.

Look at every one of his living children including the adopted ones too; all are despicably one way of the other. Yet he connivingly makes Ouk Phalla unworthy of a person who has caused his abrasive Eng Marie unhappiness. Although, Sihanouk is not naïve that Eng Marie might not have loved but used Rannridh as much to secure her family members posh jobs in royal government then and now. In anyone mind, surely she would have wished to have cut Rannridh balls off with her fruit peeling knife. So after all both profiteering Eng Marie and Ouk Phalla attitude your trash is my treasure are in the same classification with am Bun Rieu Som Heang and dazzling Piseth Pilika agendas out of Khmeng wat Som dach Hun Sen.

Apparently post WWII prior to cong dong Nom Pem CPP moi knew how disgrace Sihanouk family was back then. Example of his own father, Suramarith, was a child of incest between brother and sister. So was Rannridh and Bopha Devi are the children of Sihanouk own disgrace incest between studding nephew and lustily elder aunt. Thus it seems Sihanouk cultural upbringing does not measure up worthiness of his words. None to miniscule. Also note, Kingly stud Suramarith had produced two more illegitimates out of wedlock for leisure, Mr. Sereivudh de Paris le guitarist sans carrière and réfugiée Madame Vachara, out of his so called China woman mistress while lonely Queen birdy Kossamak, his mother, was busy entertaining her young attentive alternate once held Prime Ministership whom later she had sent, in Lon Nol behalf, to appease his illegitimate step son to return to Phnom Penh in the 70's. Unfortunately Sihanouk hated to sight his mother hanky-panky lover with passion in due of his father inability to please her and refused to even speak to the Birdy Queen, his own mother then.

Basically if a person corrupted his/her own relationship of his/her child mother or father, how else would stop he/she from being corruptive? Not to condone or ignore sensibility of such divergent law, but one can see and judge the womanizing and philandering are rooting firmly in the corruption albeit. Fundamentally, as decent human, none appreciated spousal infidelity or disloyalty categorically. But it is usual and traditional in the royal heritage. Yet other people views had never been that important as much except the royal palace or harem progenitors.

Therefore each of us can pray that each individuality shall take responsibility and duty faithfully, despite role in society. To avoid senseless self incrimination of tung dial taum then none be acceptable, not to excuse, laws are made and to be broken by men. Starting with Sihanouk, therefore, men must see to laws are to be blind of other colors but to equally see black and white in the interest of justice for all citizens. Who give a foot what Sihanouk said? Ask Hun Sen for clarification.

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