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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cambodia Politic, Remove Dangerous Trees to Save Forest

By Kok Sap
September 3, 2006

The mischievous politic in Cambodia had made martyr out of young dynamic advocate Mr. Chea Vichea. He was one of the victims of such cowardice politics. Never before, he was nearly a walking time bomb trigger of the unforeseen predicament for Hun Sen infidel regime. People were cheated, frustrated, infuriated, and disrespectfully provoked. On his funeral day, the awesome number of participants and onlookers had undoubtedly put the officials to elevate precaution and cross fingers in wishing no riot occurred. Calmly and grievously, mourners bottled up anger in respect of their hero dignity.

Imagine, on the flip side of the event, if that many people included average public servants, teachers, lowly rank soldiers, city cyclo and motorbike drivers, truck drivers, uniformly boycott the government underhanded the land grabbing or corruption or rigged election for one week straight after that day. Imagine how mighty and irresistible force of people would be. This is notably character of Khmer society, patience and immeasurably tolerance is virtue.

But other question who really want to risk the meager wage or crumbly possession to challenge powerful Hun Sen Clique and crony. Because of the demagogue and misleading tactics, people still did not get it that they have power to make or replace government of their choices. The exceptionally precedents took place in 1970 and 1976 when the almighty god sent dictator Sihanouk was invited to make way for people choice. So this is not impossible to happen to Hun Sen dictatorship or anyone else in that matter either, only time will tell.

Considering Cambodia violence history, of course, people fear of gun barrels that come in naturally. But the gun barrels or violent forces are merely of own victims of government corruption themselves. Theoretically, all gun barrels shall save people sufferings and pains from going through life under long overdue dictatorship and thug operatives. Realistically speaking, politicians are also made of people of individuality with emotion, sentiment, kinship, and conscience. At the same time, soldiers are people children, husbands, fathers, brothers, kin and classmates. Soldiers symbolize people esteem in self defense not the individuality greed in government. They have the job because of people support them in forms and shapes.

Traditionally saying, it takes a forest to affront the storm. A handful of trees is not the forest. Figuratively, the soldiers as if it is a bunch of small trees that make up the forest. The army made of soldiers, not a handful of generals. Other obvious, to make a general it needs only one soldier. Remember large trees can’t replace forest. Otherwise it is a lot easier to make a general than an army. Thus the army can easily replace a general but not all the soldiers.

Conclusively Hun Sen or Sihanouk is stately tree which is dangerously to the livelihood of the forest. It takes a very capable army to remove forest but a marginally force for a tree. Exemplary, it took Hun Sen and crony over 27 years to destroy thousand year existence of forest in Cambodia. If Cambodia is awaken, it may take it a minus second to have adverse consequences on Hun Sen or any one else. Please bear in mind there are less variety of grown trees than the seedlings in the forest. Ultimately, the seedlings are the future forest not the few tallest trees to affront the future storm.

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