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Friday, September 01, 2006

Opportunity Lost at Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Lost at Opportunity Cost
By Kok Sap, August 30,2006

In economic sense, Cambodia seems to go through own inner adversary, as each ruler stayed in each regime too long, the break out comes natural. Let's look back during Sihanouk rule especially before he called in Viet Cong to make selves at home along eastern region of Cambodia. What went wrong then?

It was a big news splash in 1967; the trio French educated red parliamentary members Hu Nim, Hou Yun, and Khiev Samphan escaped from Sihanouk arrest but were caught and executed on spot in Pich Nil. Sihanouk himself boasted incessantly and annoyingly on national broadcast just like Hun Sen is doing now about his General Heng Poev. Then the trio opposed Sihanouk economic dependency on foreign donations. Before that, Democratic Party led by Prince Yuthivong and Mr.Iev Keuss won election hands downs but Sihanouk managed to stay on top via violence which ended up killing Democracy movement leader late Mr.Iev Keuss with a hand grenade right inside the parliament chamber. The poor self righteous trio had involved in Democratic Party for extended degree before they, themselves, ended up with no choice but to run fast from Phnom Penh before Sihanouk's Gestapo and SS like agents of Kou Run and Om Manorin put hands on their necks.

Then, in Battambang, coincidentally the Samlaut and Wai Chab generational landowners led the uprising against Sihanouk's greedy governor land grabbing. This unexpectedly escalated to a life time opportunity cost for the leftist ideological revolt to rock Sihanouk stinging Isle of Peace at the opportunity lost. How precise this resemblance took form once again in 1997 for Hun Sen who thought his regime was about to be toppled by the legitimate UN recognized government of Sihanoukists. Not enough, Hun Sen ordered his confidant Generals to greet Sam Rainsy peaceful demonstration with 4-5 hand grenades right in front of the national Assembly, the very symbol of democracy and people. Unfortunately, the opportunity lost at all opportunity cost to all Sihanoukists and Sihanouk own double standard culture.

Now, the reflection is no difference from Sihanouk to Hun Sen dictatorship inclined rule. Both had manipulated and intimidated critics. Some of the hard cores were imprisoned for press coverage and legitimacy. Identically, the neo trio Sam Rainsy, Chea Poch, and Cheam Channy were stripped from positions. Later Cheam Channy was put in prison while Sam Rainsy ran back home in Paris at speed of Boeing for shadow government conspiracy. Moment later, Kem Sokha- the US IRI horse, Rong Chhun, Mam Sonando, and CPP sympathizer Yeng Virak were illegally imprisoned for asking questions about merit of illegal treaties and Viet Nam encroachment. Hun Sen was in madness, he arrested his black sheep Generals who professed in drug smuggling then stripped and attacked Rannridh personally while one hand caressing Sam Rainsy.

Now he is after Heng Poev who was paid $50 monthly salary with the outlandish saving in multi million dollars in Phnom Penh bank and abroad. Remember, the trio reds were Sihanouk decoys who later reunified and returned to kill off real nationalists in 1975. For Heng Poev lure, everyone should pay attention closely; Hun Sen had King in his panty pouch who could pardon Heng Poev any moment after his double agent mission finished abroad. Beware big or tiny fishes, before bite the lure. All must ask own instinct and good sensible judgment before jumping ,in full clothing, into Hun Sen boiling water pot. Remember, Hun Sen is a very good apprentice and talented follower of the Great One known as the Prince of Light and Prince of Darkness as Sir Milton Osborne, the historian and author, titled his book in honor of the Royal Highness.

Each Sihanouk and Hun Sen ploy to garner popularity from public and self perpetuating politic to convince the world is indistinctively. Both are more of hypocrite and despotic to sub degree than the conscionable citizen. During Sihanouk time, Cambodia was bankrupted and let lived by China aids. The governmental offices filled with corruptive and nepotistic clans. Then the Cambodia Universal Human Rights Suffrage under Geneva Convention auspicious was totally contemptible and disregarded. Those who dared to speak up would be penalized jail time or firing squad. My dearly fellows, this is exactly happening in Cambodia now. So what are you going to do to stop it once for all?

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