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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Cambodia Untouchable Crimes

August 20, 2006
The Cambodia Untouchable Crimes
By Kok Sap
Present Cambodia is at the curse of its revision of proletariat revolutionary henchmen and despotic rulers. People life and hope is no value as highly profitable land at the foreign speculation. What a predicament, Yuan grabbed Khmer country land at its government willful endorsement while ruler Hun Sen agents unruly grabbed poor Khmer only survival patch for the rich foreign investors expansion.

No one seemed to know for certain how the few extra-ordinaires became so rapidly rich after the 1975 proletarian revolution swept Cambodia into apocalypse. Sihanouk’s DRK had abolished and destroyed everything then. 3 out of 7 people were killed during the Great Leap Movement under the Victorious Flag of Red Blood Revolution. That’s Sihanouk Victory. That’s Sihanouk’s pay back to those who dared to face his Viet Cong sponsored Marquis tyrants.

During the vacuum era from 1949 to 1979, the emerging few had wheeled tremendous power to put Cambodia in its present predicament. Seemingly they originated from two distinctive breed: criminal geniuses and dictatorial prodigies. Each seems to belong to one another. Above all, the miniature of Napoleonic complex, Sihanouk has had emerged supremely.

For almost 3/4 of century, all disastrous events weathered Cambodia at the ingenuity of a singular architect who seems to believe he is the indispensable multi façade demi-god. His lifelong Dracula agenda is to wipe out all the remains of his kills while insinuating the International sponsored Tribunal Chamber is a wasteful endeavor. He has portrayed the Tribunal Chamber as so despicably inhumane and atheistic to have kept on seeking justice for the unfortunate ones upon their evidential skeletons. He is totally beside himself when comes to people justice.

While he sings ,wines and dines comfortably in his holy like harem in plush quarter of Phnom Penh, thousands of his DRK survivors and offspring who lived nearby on underdeveloped patch lands are molested and chastised, killed, and robbed by his ultra loyal Marquis DRK clique hero namely Hun Sen henchmen. He is supporting the entire regime that is full of DRK atheistic and barbaric. In fact he could not careless but kept boasting and encouraging the hoodlum regime to sustain and suppress the survivors. How heinous and cruelest of a man of such stature.

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