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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Listen to Your Inner Calling

By Kok Sap
Victim of Cambodia Heinous Crimes

Hail the Exile National Coalition of Government of the Union of Burma and the Exile Government of Khmer Krom! It is an encouraging sign for Myanmar that we all grown to know it was the formally hermit Burma. In the 60's, it was an aspiration for Sihanouk, the stud Head of State of the Kingdom of Cambodia called the island of Pieces, who wanted himself to model after such a nation that has isolated its socialistic endeavor in the Buddhist saffron robes from outside world influences. It has been transformed slowly into the most absolute chaos and anarchy as the other federation member states such Shan or Mon declared own autonomy against the control of the federation dictatorial military junta organs death grip rule.

Look closely Cambodia had liberated itself from the destructive regime called monarchy once in 1970 but failed to sustain itself as its original culprit returned in April 1975 with massive murderous force to wipe out most of the progressive democratic Republic leaders and followers. Post1979 the remainder of the Republic idealists or fighters reemerged as one of the resistance factions with considerable human resource and number under Son Sann leadership to jointly resist Yuan occupation.

How misfortune to the surviving Republic fighters who had mistakenly joined force at the hypocrite lures of the others so called resistant fronts until most killed off before the demagogue monarch stood triumphantly proclaiming his second kingdom over millions of skull. Actually, Son Sann heart and head was Sihanoukist from the get going. He was the King's snake in the grass. Most of the aspired Republic fighters mistook him as the Republic rescuer. During the 80's, Son Sann secretively ordered the hardcore Republic idealists to be removed from becoming too strong. Eventually in 1993, Son Sann reversed his politic and later sold out the remainder of the Republic fighters to Sihanouk disposal again.

Fortunately some had chances to resettle in the third countries but the Republic network was sporadically and idly inactive. Presently most of the idealist movement leaders are in retiring age and some had died without seeing the dream realizing. It is frightening to think about it, as Cambodia returned to its second time round as monarchic regime at the whims of neo imperialist Hanoi, which the Republic had spilled blood from March 1970 to fend it off up to April 1975.

The handful Republic diehard idealists scattered around the globe, in hope, to reconnect one day soon. Momentarily our kin, from formally Preah Nokor known as Cochin China which was illegally ceded to Yuan Emperor Bao Dai as war trophy from French humiliated defeat in Dien Bien Phu, have courageously formed the Khmer Krom Exile Government as the legitimate voice to defend fellows from Viet suppression since the Cambodia Kingdom ignored their plight for too long of time.

To the surprise of the geopolitical pundits, the Phnom Penh dictatorial regime with its 26 members of Parliament at hand had denounced and demanded the Myanmar present regime in supporting of Dame Suu Kyi true democratic elected government to free people and nation from the despotic militant leaders. Remember not too long ago, the Cambodia own dictator Hun Sen was rubbing elbows with the Myanmar illegal junta Premier, General Soe Win, in his back yard. How could this abrupt reversal be credible since the ruler in Phnom Penh is still the same one who hugged and kissed the Yangoon-Myanmar tyrant?

To the reasonable doubt, suddenly the whirlwind is taking effect on the dictatorial regimes in Southeast Asia at the economic twist of ASEAN club. Seemingly it still has considerable clout and influence to abet the regional opposition legitimate and popular demand. From the courageous examples of Burma of Non Violent Dame Aung San Suu Kyi dream and Elderly Gentleman Thach Chan Khmer Krom of no choice is better to die free than to live the Yuan enslavement. Considering its swinging paradigm momentum, why the Khmer Republic idealists and enthusiasts aren't doing something?

The Cambodia situation is in dire need of reformation and systemic overhaul after Yuan influenced party ruled it for the last 27 years. The world can help but can't do the change for us. Time is essentially running forward as our respected Khmer Republic personalities are aging and yet the duty as the only alternative hope for the Cambodia majority is still dormant. The former Khmer Republic idealists and fighters alike shall join force in forming the exile government of ours to see to the unfinished task for the Cambodia alternative with hope, fraternity, justice, liberty and equality. Who knows may be this is the move that the Republic former ally, the US, is expecting to see happening. Over 30 years is too long enough of rest, the call to reconnect and reconvene for the sake of national respect and dignity for later generations is now. My dearly friends, wake up and listen to your inner calling.

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