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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Looking for HAK MAO

Do you know or have you heard of HAK MAO, a Cambodian man who came from the village CHANG BO HÈ in Cambodia, (khoum and srok) POURK, province (khhaid) SIEM RIEP ?

His family in Cambodia didn't see him since 1973 and they're still looking for him. They say that he might lives in Canada, but nothing is for sure. He works or used to work as an airplane pilot (khan Bela ?).

HAK (surname) MAO (last name) is the oldest of his family of 9 brothers et sisters.

Father Mao Huy (dead)
Mother Chhoun Leng (dead)
1 Brother Mao Hak (lost since 1973)
2 Sister Mao Lon (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)
3 Sister Mao Leup (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)
4 Sister Mao Loun (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)
5 Brother Mao Ly Hiav (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)
6 Brother Mao KIm Louth (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)
7 Sister Mao Kim Leng (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)
8 Brother Mao Ly Han (lives in Chong kal Oddormechey)
9 Brother Mao Ly Hor (lives in Samrong Oddormechey)

As you can see, most of his family still lives in Cambodia, in Samrong, Oddormechey. Only one brother lives in phnom Pung Ror, in Chong Kal, Oddormechey.

Please if you have any information about HAK MAO, call his family in Cambodia who still hope that one day, they will see him again.

Telephone Numbers :
012 872 732
012 457 849
011 618 255
016 325 701


, Email: cest....@yahoo.com
Tue, 8 Nov 2005

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