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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dilemma: Cambodia Chess Opening co sponsored by China and Viet Nam

For a long time, every strategic move made by Every Cambodia Poor People (ECPP) had infringed the For Unruly New Cambodia Impossible Peace Exploratory Committee (FUNCIPEC) team defense. At last none of other team from Cambodia made finalist for the 2008 Opening but the scary hulk (ECPP).

The third contentious team Conservative Self Ruin People (CSRP) had almost made it last elimination round in 2003. In its desperate attempt FUNCIPEC and CSRP made a solid pact namely Cambodia Alliance of Dreamers (CAD) with a plot “out to get ECPP” in late 2003. Unfortunately it did not last long; CSRP declared its abrupt withdrawal from CAD in 2004 before its signatory ink completely dried yet. FUNCIPEC felt vulnerable to face off the formidable ECPP team. Instead of facing contest in full sportsmanship spirit FUNCIPEC has capriciously forfeited its last chance to go to man to man in 2008 Opening.

There was an obscure team namely Under Dog Kampuchea (UDK) founded in exile by veteran Deranged Kampuchea (DK) approximately over 15 years ago. Not many people heard of this emerged UDK team except in abroad and its sponsor China. However one of the disguised founders felt for ECPP charm in 1993. The remaining coaches and founders are vigorously dodging background legal inquisition. They are ended up living under the watchful eyes of the defected coach child in Pailin now. In 1998, the ingenious DK founder was lured to death in sleep when UDK was aspired to sign up for semi final tournament in 2003. UDK was set back once again for 2008 due to the very legal investigation process of its past founders background.

China has upper handed say so and knew this ahead of time. Thus it reversed its position expeditiously in 180 degree to subdue ECPP from going back to its original tactician-sponsor Viet Nam. Realistically China still holds its bet on UDK (DK) with life long guaranty from predictably instable coach. Viet Nam is concerned and in contest with China over ECPP dominancy.

Ironically, when China in motion to embrace ECPP its other Southeast Asia Hosting members are lining up in unison goose steps even World Bank too. Abroad other major gamblers of Chinese ancestry i. e Singapore, Malaysia behalf, Taiwan, Thailand, and even nemesis Viet Nam anticipated deals from the upcoming Opening. As always, the sneaky-bookie like Thailand is in process to arrange exclusive amenity for the will be invited guests US and Euro.

If ECPP will win in 2008, Cambodia teams and people will be left with immeasurable stress and regret. Never again its people will be happy and probably swear to change all teams and rules of play altogether with the new selected teams from around the world.

Cambodia present supposedly head coach was unofficially accused over his personal sexuality orientation. That he may be in jeopardy or forced to leave duty prematurely since the FUNCIPEC Chief Player eyed the head coach title for quite some time ago. In trade off to keep FUNCIPEC Chief Player in check, the job will be offered to him since he was well over qualified with his secret sexuality curricular with a new younger consort.

For the last 60 years Cambodia main coach does thing in China way, but thereby then, the coach may assume his permanent retirement or decapitation, which left China only option to embarrassingly accept to groom the ECPP Chief Player to be in such coach position for its next tournament. With China anointment, Cambodia’s all chess teams will merge to be one and once for all that may include CSRP-UDK too. This will eliminate all competition and complication in the future.

But with sour taste in mouth, Viet Nam will head for the deep Marki jungle to find new chess prodigy.

SUBMITTED BY: Prak Hap Wed, 16 Feb 2005

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