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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sihanouk Does It Again

Sihanouk Does It Again
message: July 26,2006
By Kok Sap

All were Sihanouk doings and premeditated violations of 1991 Paris Peace Accord. In defending his hypocrisy, he played rabbit fever and screaming fits with Hun Sen. In July 2004 to buy Hun Sen pledge , he decreed Hun Sen to be the Prime Minister of caretaker government while election dispute was in questionable. Then in the following October, Sihanouk threw tantrums and confusions at nation until he got his son appointed King by his adopted son, the colorful Prime Minister. Months afterward to save his son skin and his face, he cheated people to play sick and near death plots to have his new king acquaint with big adopted brother domestic policies.

In 2005, after several outspoken critics joined in Sihanouk fanning flame game Raingsy ended up losing office and running back to his first class citizen country while his poorly fellows were in prison. After losses in rhetoric exchanges, Sihanouk lured all Hun Sen foes out in open over his Supreme Border Council ploy. More adamant than ever, Hun Sen slapped Sihanouk with both hands in the face in exposing his treacherous acts to assist state enemy Viet Cong back in the 70’s. Because of that, Sihanouk raised white flag and left Hun Sen to sign the illegal treaties in October in Hanoi alone. Over all his schematics, Raingsy had lost credibility in foreigner eyes while he bolstered up Hun Sen as the supreme dictator of the Cambodia new millennium.

In 2006,to redeem his losses, Sihanouk had Mr. Raingsy, a humpback Sihanoukist adopted new attitude in order to return to the sender in time to salvage his losing Sihanoukist-FUNC left wing party from Ta Khlaing Moeung suicidal rite. Then followed suit, he cashed in $1,000 per critic to kneel and confess to Hun Sen as a poor choice of words in rhetoric. The four arrested and imprisoned critics were tamely grateful and befriended with singular vision dictator. To please dictator furthermore, then Sihanouk blackened own son RRidh as the screw you all Sihanoukist-FUNC right wing fugitive who cashed out grand $30 million account plus a new suitor of own daughter age before fleeing the country for honeymoon in the first class style.

Anarchy and unruly took toll on both Sihanoukist-FUNC clubs. Out of all Sihanouk maneuvers, Hanoi got new treaties and Hun Sen became absolute dictator. His inept playboy son Sihamoni became I do everything for you King while his imbecile big brother RRidh spoiled club inner circle fortune amassing then ran for comfort with Sros Sroraem Phalla. Lastly Sihanouk had belittled all Sihanoukists while elevated Hanoi lackey Hun Sen to be his first national hero in joining the bloody marquis revolution last month. Had he not blown Hun Sen and Samheang so lowly but Hanoi up his rear in on his every stroke at the same time.

Not enough yet, suddenly the hypocrite father of Cambodia everything is full of energy to harasses UN tribunal in lieu of Hun Sen. He insulted UN tribunal is a waste and all the gruesome evidences are disrespectful for the death in Buddhist rite. Watch him closely, this is his new task from Beijing to derail UN tribunal procedure and destabilize all Hun Sen contenders. As for Prince Thomico ploy ,it is pitiful for his not seeing Sihanouk molestation. Sihanouk is casting net for Hun Sen to see what are the rubbishes remaining in Mekong before 2008 finale. If the wheel turned other direction in 2008, all the screw-ups done by Sihanouk will be unraveled. It is strategically vital that all he is doing now to create confusions and dislodge Viet Cong packaged PRKP/CPP from witness stance and people scrutiny. If politicians had not learned yet, but continue to bow to Sihanouk hypocrisy, there is no need to create any other party since he had declared himself as CPP benefactor for life already. That is his duty call to screw Cambodia justice,morality and conscience for good.

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