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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Open Letter to the Honorable Norodom Sihanouk

Open Letter to the Honorable Norodom Sihanouk
Official Residence,
15 Dong Jiao Min Xiang
Beijing 100006, China

Dear Sir:

As you are well informed, for almost two full centuries ago Khmer people and nation had been dispirited and disunited at the foreign subjugations. Subsequently during your years at the helm, governments had failed to defend and protect national sovereignty and territory as well. It is undesirably painful and intolerable to learn miles and miles of west and east regions of present Khmer land had been illegally ceded and transferred to neighboring nation’s ownership as a tribute for the abatements of the previous ruling regime political in fights. Up to present, Cambodia governments had violated own integrity and dignity. They had cheated Cambodia citizen justice and righteousness. However, history seems to impress upon our cognizance you are the person responsible for all undue justice and fate of our fallen loved ones and generations.

Per your regular claims, Cambodia current government commanded no respect and dignity from others.Routinely you have consistently reminded people of shame which each of us bear as a beggar nation that allowed abuses and misuses other nations' generosity. Also you were made aware the serious violation of human rights and international mandates set by UN at your very signature in Paris 1991. Yet you have arbitrarily indulged merits to ensure such government legitimacy and wrongdoings. Therefore, our nation and people are held hostage and impeded at your very guaranty.

In the pursuance of the promulgated Kingdom II 1993 Constitution Chapter III-articles 31, 39, 41, and 49; as a citizen and ruler; hereby personally you owe opportunity to resolve all Khmer suffering, injustice and particularly very assurance of monarchy mutuality and continuation of your remaining time. Equally on behalf of heritage, as a son and a citizen of the nation, I am morally obligated to express my true concerns as follow for your consideration:

1 - Cambodia government shall be honorably to fulfill own budgetary contribution to implement Khmer Rouge Tribunal expenditures,

2 - Proclamation April 17, 1975 as a day of national mourning and commemoration day for victims of Cold war and Viet Nam transgression,

3 - Demand UN intervention and world court rule over Cambodia dispute boundary with neighbors.

4 - Rescind treaties that infringed determination of national territory and sovereignty.

5 - Restore human rights with guaranty from government in accordance with UN suffrage.

Sir, this may seem selfish and profane but there is no better way in frankness between fellow citizens. The shallowness and hypocrisy is mere unnatural and disrespectful. As you may know; in any unforeseen circumstances; your hard fought reconciliation and unification will be only a waste done by none of foe but your own especially those of FUNC and comparable monarchists. Worst the innocent generations will bear the unforgivable brunt and shame. That considers unkindly burden left by underachieving father of yours.

I trust you will use your utmost love and conscionable judgment to safeguard the innocents and the less fortunate people in Cambodia. May good health, peace, and love indulge you and yours in the up coming Khmer New Year celebration and thereafter.

Kok Sap

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