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Friday, March 10, 2006

Miracle, 36 Years after Khmer Republic

March 8, 2006
Miracle, 36 Years after Khmer Republic

By Kok Sap kok...@yahoo.com

From late 1968 on, US President Nixon got secret nod from Kingdom of Cambodia mercurial Prince Sihanouk to bomb Viet Cong sanctuaries along eastern border of his Kingdom. The bombardment classified Operation Menu Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner featuring Napalms spiced up in Orange Agents from B-52 high altitude cooks and unauthorized incursions. Due to his poor suicidal diplomacy, Prince laid duty on his old buddy General Lon Nol to lead the National Salvation Government in 1969. Eventually in early 1970, Prince fled country under faked pretenses before popular demands removed him from duty on 18th March 1970. He was sentenced in absentia of treachery in abatement and harboring enemies. Then the Viet Cong undeclared war took toll on Cambodia.

The omnivorous Professor Kissinger, 1973 Nobel Peace Price recipient and Le Duc Tho ancien ami, enforced his schematic ultimatum on Khmer Republic then on its own but to surrender unconditionally to Prince Beijing based government. Coldheartedly US left its cold war accomplice, Khmer Republic to the bloody Prince Regime and rebels. The Prince was bloody mad and avenged people on the 17th April 1975. Over 1/3 of Cambodia total population then plus civilization took toll at his absolute directives. Cambodia turned isolated open killing fields. From that day on Cambodia had never been the same.

The event was the Miracle on Mekong River, B-52 bomb crates scarred Khmer Republic beneath scattering millions skeleton and starving slave feet. On the 7th January 1979, the same Viet Cong regiments returned and claimed over its invasion and occupation of former Khmer Republic in the world sent mission to topple murderous regime of the Prince. Vet Cong replaced the Prince clique with own remaining Viet Minh People Revolution disciples.

From 1979, over half million destitute and distraught survivor never turned back and sought out permanent refuge overseas at the UNHCR and humanitarian nation mercy. Others were caught in resistance and Khmer Rouge controls. Eventually the remaining were sent back to Cambodia under Viet Nam’s PRK communist government before 1993 UNTAC arrival.

Once again, the bloody murderers rule the victims whose justice is still in limbo up to now. The mercurial and heinous criminal Prince has been re-enthroned and unmolested as King second time around at the UN perpetuated choreographic. To date it has been 36 years passed but appallingly the humanity of Cambodia still is under injustice and hopelessness.

People never changed that’s Hanoi miracle in Nam Tien’s Nam Vang moi.

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