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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tuol Krasaing's Gallery

Tuol Krasaing's Gallery

Sacravatoons no 1209: "Tuol Krasaing's Gallery"
(By Pen Bona Cambodge Soir Hebdo)
Several popular singers and actresses have been abused in recent years. It is believed to Piseth Pilika murdered in 1999, Touch Srey Nic, wounded by bullets in 2003 - it has followed intensive care in Bangkok and the United States. The last such case of early 2007, with the aggression of Pov Panh Pitch, treated in Vietnam. Common denominators of these murders and attempted murders: revenge wives from powerful families, and the impunity of gunmen, none have been prosecuted so far.
Piseth Pilika

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