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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another attack against the star, DJ Ano

Another attack against the star, DJ Ano

Friday, November 07, 2008
Dear Editor,

I would like to provide my opinion in the assault case against DJ Ano!

It is true that all human beings are hurt when their loved-one is being taken away from them. However, the savage violence which took place and that was used to resolve this case brings shame to Cambodia honor: not only was Khmer pride being destroyed by this act, but also Buddhist Ahimsa (non-violence) has been cheapened shamelessly.

I am begging all our compatriots to resolve their disputes peacefully in order to preserve the honor of Cambodia which used to be a famous empire in Asia.

Thank you,

Ana Nov

07 Nov 2008
By Pen Bona
Cambodge Soir Hebdo (Translated by translate.google.com)

The Cambodian press echoes, for several days of a case of aggression which would have been the victim DJ Ano, an actress and television presenter, particularly popular among young people.

Soun Pheakdei, known as DJ Ano, has disappeared from the screens of the municipal television channel TV3 for several days. This surprising absence has raised a stir among viewers. However, some newspapers and magazine gave one DJ Ano aggression which would have been a victim. The merits of the case would be a revenge by a jealous wife, probably a member of a powerful family. Based on the facts reported by the media, the young woman of 27 years had shaved heads and the disfigured face off with razor blades by male hands of the wife of "lok thom." In serious condition, she was sent to Vietnam for treatment.

This case is not based on time on anonymous sources. Neither the police nor the managers of the chain of TV3 have confirmed this. There is no direct testimony, no photograph circulated of aggression. No complaint has been filed by the family of the actress, who has not provided statements to the press. The rumor was however among the media like wildfire ...

Several popular singers and actresses have been abused in recent years. It is believed to Piseth Pilika murdered in 1999, Touch Srey Nic, wounded by bullets in 2003 - it has followed intensive care in Bangkok and the United States. The last such case of early 2007, with the aggression of Pov Panh Pitch, treated in Vietnam. Common denominators of these murders and attempted murders: revenge wives from powerful families, and the impunity of gunmen, none have been prosecuted so far.


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