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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Little hope for DJ Ano to survive

Rumor mills: Little hope for DJ Ano to survive from the razor blades attack

07 Nov 2008
Rasmei Kampuchea (by Ki-Media)

Even though sources from the Cambodian police and from the court claimed that there is no information and no complaint about the razor blade torture perpetrated on TV presenter DJ Ano, several artists confirmed that “violence on DJ Ano did occur and she is currently in serious condition.”

Information about the razor blade attack on the entire body of DJ Ano was reported by the Sophorn and Procheaprey (Popular) magazines.

DJ Ano, whose birth name is Suon Pheakdei, is a well known presenter of TV3 station in Phnom Penh. She is not a very young star anymore, as she is now 27-year-old.

In its 16th edition published for the period of 02-15 November 2008, the Sophorn magazine reported that the wife of a high ranking official kidnapped her, had her head shaved and her face cut with razor blades because this wife was angry that DJ Ano had an affair with her husband. The magazine claimed that DJ Ano was sent to Vietnam and that there is little hope that she will survive the attack. The report did not provide details about where and when the almost fatal assault took place.

Chuon Narin, chief of the serious crimes in Phnom Penh, told Rasmei Kampuchea in the afternoon of 06 November that: “I heard this information also. My force went to do research on it, but there is no sure source that could confirm it up to now, and there is no complaint brought up about this case either.”

General Touch Naroth, Phnom Penh police commissioner, made the same statement also, and the Phnom Penh court claimed that there was no complaint about DJ Ano’s case.

Nevertheless, some artists claimed that DJ Ano who was attacked by razor blades has only about 20% chance of survival because she lost too much blood from the attack. However, these sources asked to remain anonymous.

Special artists from TV3 channel claimed that the attack on DJ Ano was perpetrated by the wife of high ranking official who ordered 3-4 of her bodyguards to kidnap DJ Ano and threw her in a car. At first, the bodyguards used razor blades to shave DJ Ano hair, they then proceeded to cut her face with the blades also. Later on, they cut her entire body from top to bottom with razor blades and even her genital part was not spared. The source added that DJ Ano was very seriously injured and her family rushed her out of the country for medical care.

All the sources consulted by Rasmei Kampuchea claimed that the razor attack on DJ Ano is 100% true, and some even gave the name of the country where DJ Ano was sent to for medical care. According to one group of sources, she would be sent to Malaysia, while a second group claimed that she was sent to Vietnam instead. It appears that information from the second group is more accurate because Rasmei Kampuchea received the news on 06 November that she was sent to Vietnam.

The source consulted by Rasmei Kampuchea indicated that, as of now, there is only 20% chance that DJ Ano will survive because she lost too much blood during the attack.

DJ Ano was born as Suon Pheakei, she used to have a love relationship with a Filipino man and a Thai man. After her breakup from her Filipino boyfriend, she was asked for marriage by a Cambodian expat living in the US. Following her breakup with her fiancé from the US, DJ Ano received a warning from a woman telling her to be careful because she may be splashed with acid. The Sophorn magazine claimed that prior to her liaison with the high ranking government official, she was linked to the owner of massage parlor.

DJ Ano did not have any relatives in Phnom Penh, and her house is Phnom Penh is unknown. But, a number of sources indicated that she had an adopted elder sister, and that this sister would be an important witness in this attack case.

Up to now, TV3 does not the whereabout of DJ Ano. Kong Socheat from TV3 claimed that DJ Ano did not come to the station for the past 2-3 weeks.

Liaison with a married man is believed to be the source of this violent attack case.


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