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Wednesday, August 13, 2008



The SRP would like to draw the attention of the international community in general and the election observers in particular to the on-going treatment of the election complaints which is an integral part of the election process that international observers are supposed to monitor. The indication is that NEC, which acts as its own judge, is now undertaking the resolution of the complaints in a secretive and rushed way in order to do away with the whole issue as quickly as possible. SRP complaints are specifically processed in this way.

I- Concerning the deletion of names from the voter lists, we already have submitted lists of thousands of citizens who have complained about the loss of their voting rights. Petitions will shortly be available containing tens of thousands of more names from all over the country.

II- Concerning the forged 1018 forms, the SRP has lodged criminal complaints at the court alongside the election complaints lodged at NEC. We have provided a number of these forged 1018 forms to NEC. But we had to blind-fold the photos to preserve the security of the bearers. We can certify that the names on the forged 1018 forms are not real names. We have already shown those forged 1018 forms with the ID cards showing real names to international observers. http://tinyurl.com/5zb97k

In all cases however, the NEC should be able to know the real ID of the bearers as they delegated the power to issue 1018 forms to all commune chiefs. Different cases are possible:

1) If the NEC says that they are not able to know the real identities of the bearers, this means that they have been voluntarily negligent by giving blind power to the CPP commune chiefs as part of a plot to inflate votes for the CPP.

2) If the NEC claims that the name of the bearers reflect their real identities, we can prove the contrary by showing the bearers' ID cards.

3) If the NEC confesses that the names of the bearers are not real names, this is obvious evidence of fraud.

We have numerous indications that the forged 1018 forms were systematically and methodically issued nation-wide in a very organized manner on a very large scale, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegitimate voters to seriously affect the results of the election:

1) We have seized a number of pre-stamped and pre-signed empty 1018 forms. http://tinyurl.com/5gtsz6

2) We have in our possession photos of one venue where the forged 1018 forms were issued in a very organized way: the voter list was on one side of the commune chief, on the other side was a whole pile of 1018 forms ready to be issued. http://tinyurl.com/5nqcx4

3) We have the recorded confession of a commune clerk who says that over 200 forged 1018 forms were issued in his commune. http://tinyurl.com/5gbkoq

4) Each person who received a forged 1018 form can testify that they were never alone: in the queue there were always four or five people ahead of them and the same number behind them receiving those forms. This shows that the recipients of the forged 1018 forms were certainly not isolated cases.

SRP Members of Parliament

Last minute news (8.30 p.m.): we have just learnt that NEC has rejected all our complaints, with no exception, regardless of all the evidence that we provided.

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