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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Help us free children in Cambodia from exploitation.



Hi Everyone,

Help us free children in Cambodia from exploitation.

To help please vote for the Carpets for Communities project in an
online charity competition by going to (www.carpetsforcommunities.org/
) and following the instructions to register and vote. It
will take less than 2 minutes and the $5,000 prize money (and more
importantly world-wide exposure) will all go towards freeing children
from exploitation and getting them back to school in Cambodia.

I started this project with some friends while I was living in Bangkok
in 2004 and now our innovative development project has been selected
as a finalist in the Changemakers "Ending Global Slavery" competition
by a prestigious panel of judges, from over 200 entries world wide.
The winner will be decided by popular vote...you can help us win! Only
4 days to go! vote NOW!!!

We also have a facebook group: "Im voting for CfC to win Changemakers
End Slavery Award"

We are already making a big difference in Cambodia. Please help us
reach more families by forwarding this email to everyone you know...
don't hold back..you'll feel better for it!

Thank you for your kind support,

David Bacon

I also invite you to visit our site at www.carpetsforcommunities.org
and find out all about our project.

Carpets for Communities (Cambodia)
"Empowering Mothers to break the cycle of Poverty"
Email: davidbacon@carpetsforcommunities.org
Mobile: +61 (0)424 511 155

Check out Carpets for Communities project in Cambodia on YouTube:

www.Givle.com - Givle (Google custom Search) Save the Environment and
donate to Charity for Free!
Set your Mum's home page.. I set my Mum's already!

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