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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cartoonist Sacrava's Self Portrait, Hope and Vision

Cartoonist Sacrava's Self Portrait, Hope and Vision

One for All & All for One

When I was young I knew that I could draw for fun , after training for 10 years in Fine Arts School.... In my age now,55 yrs old by coming of next month, May, I knew I have a mission to serve Cambodia & its people...after I realized that Lord Buddha & the Universe had spared my life from the holocaust of the killing field in Cambodia.

When we all are ready.....Cambodia & its People will be freed again for sure ! One for All & All for One !

......Sometime in the near future, I would sit under a Palm Tree, drinking its juice from the bamboo's trunk....and draw Angkorwat and all of Khmer Temples that were built everywhere in Dendey Sovannaphum ! This is my last dream.

In the next decent Khmer-Government.....I'll be a dish-washer & a cartoonist with my digital pen.

I love to draw Srey-Khmer who are Angels, a thousand smiling Apsaras.They're so beautiful to show the world of their charming & magic in the myth of Khmer Race.......

Bun H.

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