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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remember the Evil of April 17

Remember the Evil of April 17
By Kok Sap US- April 14, 2007
If it was not for Sihanouk self deprecated and narcissistic politic in mid 60's Cambodia history might have been different. No Phnom Wai Chap uprising in 60's, no March 18 1970 or Hanoi aggression, and importantly no secret US B-52 bombardment. Importantly no Janauary 7 1979 Viet occupation and decades of Annamized dictatorship or July 1997 power robbery. These events had turned Cambodia into a bloodbath and a laughing stock nation from 1970-1997. Who's the evil doer?
No one other than but Sihanouk himself, from the command post in Beijing, ordered his black clad children soldiers to wipe out his enemies and their families upon his infamous April 17, 1975 victory. This was the apocalyptic event that of all Khmer ancient rulers had never been able to achieve in nearly 800 years. Millions of life, countless properties and a nation of men was down to nothingness of worthy to an evil namely Sihanouk.
Traditionally April was supposed to be ominous and auspicious month for Cambodia inhabitants. People were supposed to cherish and celebrate life in such month. However, Sihanouk had destroyed every fabric of family, society, and barely survived culture in one swoop of his genetic imbalance madness.
In April 17 1975, Cambodia was landscaped with piles of body. This nation was filled with nuance and hopelessness. People disassociated themselves from black color. A new definition of blackness was merciless and murderousness. Every well stocked village was destroyed and emptied. Every known path was avoided and every religious or educational institution was abandoned and shun. Every child lost someone, or something and chance of future was uprooted by the very father of nation as he would like to be called. Every family cultural fabric was subjected to censorship and expenditure of one evil man vengeance
Cambodia stood still in awes as Sihanouk proletariat revolutionary contingents declared a new ultra radical era of leap forward revolution year zero to out done all of the past Cambodia achievers. The inaugural 5 year plan of mass rebuilding and destruction was unfolded under Sihanouk watchful eyes. To date Sihanouk was and still is at the center fold of these heinous crimes and mystic events 40 year later. Although the world had thrown its mercy and support but Sihanouk managed to do everything possible to trounce the world from succeeding in its justice endeavor for Killing Fields victims.
In every April since 1975, many have felt sorrows over their dead loved ones and own self awakening after false joy. Thus month of April is no longer the same since Sihanouk, and his cohorts did their heinous deeds then. Every sensible individual treads on the welcoming long traditional New Year celebration on the 14 day conscientiously then grieve the heartbroken losses on the 17 day of the month for the past 32 year. We would not have anything to say about this if it was not for Sihanouk majestic vision.
Cambodia history will never forget its abuser, the Beijing made Evil, and especially in every April month. Presently Sihanouk is ageing but not dying yet as he enjoys the anguishes and agonies shown on people face on such occasion. He is the cruelest and despicably amoral man ever born and lived in Cambodia. At dying age, he has held the entire society and nation hostage. He continues to refuse justice for humanity at the expense of Cambodia. He has put people on notice of his hellish April 17 vengeance is here to stay on the very same moment of Khmer cultural moment of joy.
So far the culprit is not slowing down but continuing to humiliate those who already surrendered and confessed of utmost love to paternal land over him. Every moment of his wake, the Cambodia Evil makes sure that generations and history will remember him.

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