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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sihanouk Does It Again

Sihanouk Does It Again
message: July 26,2006
By Kok Sap

All were Sihanouk doings and premeditated violations of 1991 Paris Peace Accord. In defending his hypocrisy, he played rabbit fever and screaming fits with Hun Sen. In July 2004 to buy Hun Sen pledge , he decreed Hun Sen to be the Prime Minister of caretaker government while election dispute was in questionable. Then in the following October, Sihanouk threw tantrums and confusions at nation until he got his son appointed King by his adopted son, the colorful Prime Minister. Months afterward to save his son skin and his face, he cheated people to play sick and near death plots to have his new king acquaint with big adopted brother domestic policies.

In 2005, after several outspoken critics joined in Sihanouk fanning flame game Raingsy ended up losing office and running back to his first class citizen country while his poorly fellows were in prison. After losses in rhetoric exchanges, Sihanouk lured all Hun Sen foes out in open over his Supreme Border Council ploy. More adamant than ever, Hun Sen slapped Sihanouk with both hands in the face in exposing his treacherous acts to assist state enemy Viet Cong back in the 70’s. Because of that, Sihanouk raised white flag and left Hun Sen to sign the illegal treaties in October in Hanoi alone. Over all his schematics, Raingsy had lost credibility in foreigner eyes while he bolstered up Hun Sen as the supreme dictator of the Cambodia new millennium.

In 2006,to redeem his losses, Sihanouk had Mr. Raingsy, a humpback Sihanoukist adopted new attitude in order to return to the sender in time to salvage his losing Sihanoukist-FUNC left wing party from Ta Khlaing Moeung suicidal rite. Then followed suit, he cashed in $1,000 per critic to kneel and confess to Hun Sen as a poor choice of words in rhetoric. The four arrested and imprisoned critics were tamely grateful and befriended with singular vision dictator. To please dictator furthermore, then Sihanouk blackened own son RRidh as the screw you all Sihanoukist-FUNC right wing fugitive who cashed out grand $30 million account plus a new suitor of own daughter age before fleeing the country for honeymoon in the first class style.

Anarchy and unruly took toll on both Sihanoukist-FUNC clubs. Out of all Sihanouk maneuvers, Hanoi got new treaties and Hun Sen became absolute dictator. His inept playboy son Sihamoni became I do everything for you King while his imbecile big brother RRidh spoiled club inner circle fortune amassing then ran for comfort with Sros Sroraem Phalla. Lastly Sihanouk had belittled all Sihanoukists while elevated Hanoi lackey Hun Sen to be his first national hero in joining the bloody marquis revolution last month. Had he not blown Hun Sen and Samheang so lowly but Hanoi up his rear in on his every stroke at the same time.

Not enough yet, suddenly the hypocrite father of Cambodia everything is full of energy to harasses UN tribunal in lieu of Hun Sen. He insulted UN tribunal is a waste and all the gruesome evidences are disrespectful for the death in Buddhist rite. Watch him closely, this is his new task from Beijing to derail UN tribunal procedure and destabilize all Hun Sen contenders. As for Prince Thomico ploy ,it is pitiful for his not seeing Sihanouk molestation. Sihanouk is casting net for Hun Sen to see what are the rubbishes remaining in Mekong before 2008 finale. If the wheel turned other direction in 2008, all the screw-ups done by Sihanouk will be unraveled. It is strategically vital that all he is doing now to create confusions and dislodge Viet Cong packaged PRKP/CPP from witness stance and people scrutiny. If politicians had not learned yet, but continue to bow to Sihanouk hypocrisy, there is no need to create any other party since he had declared himself as CPP benefactor for life already. That is his duty call to screw Cambodia justice,morality and conscience for good.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Film Screening: The Angry Skies @ UMass Medical School on 8/19/06

A group of medical students at the University of Massachusetts Medical School are organizing a film screening of The Angry Skies, a documentary film on the Khmer Rouge regime. We have invited Dr. Blake Kerr, a New York physician who is the writer and producer of the film, along with Dr. Leakhena Nou, a medical sociologist from California State University, Long Beach, to be present. After the conclusion of the film, Dr. Nou will describe her research on the mental health consequences of violence, trauma, and social stress as a result of the Khmer Rouge on the Cambodian people, both in Cambodia and among the diaspora. After her introduction of Dr. Kerr, there will be a discussion and Q&A session with both our guests.

August 19, 2006 (Saturday)
3:30pm: Social Reception and Refreshments
4:00pm: Film Screening (2 hours)
A discussion and Q&A session with Dr. Kerr and Dr. Nou will immediately follow the conclusion of the film Location Amphitheater I University of Massachusetts Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655
For detailed directions, please visit http://www.umassmed.edu/about/directions/

In order to bring broader awareness to the historical events and the impact of the Khmer Rouge on Cambodia, we would appreciate your help in advertising and promoting this event to those you know who may be interested in attending. The screening is open and free to the public, but we want to particularly encourage survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodian community leaders, human rights activists, scholars of Cambodia, and students to attend.

Again, we would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about this event. The Angry Skies touches upon subjects that are very much of importance not just to the Cambodian population, but to those concerned with human rights, genocide, and international policy. Please join us, and please pass the word on to anyone you think may be interested.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at allen.chang@umassmed.edu. I can send you an official flyer and press release. Thanks.


Allen Chang

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10th Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival

July 11, 2006

Dear Community Members and Friends of Lowell:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival, Inc., I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join us at the 10th annual Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival.

As you may know, the festival celebrates an important aspect of Lowell’s cultural diversity: the Southeast Asian community is Lowell’s third largest ethnic population. This celebration showcases Southeast Asian boat races, traditional and contemporary performances and dances, international foods, and handcrafted arts.

The festival usually draws 40,000 to 50,000 participants to Lowell’s Merrimack River area each year. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, August 19th. Prior to the main event, we will have the Floating Candles Ceremony on Friday evening, August 18th in downtown Lowell at the Middlesex Community College Campus, near the Lower Locks canal. This ceremony, which includes floating candles, incense, and flowers, is dedicated to each of our personal hopes and aspirations for a prosperous, dignified, and healthy life.

Festival admission for both days is free.

The Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival has a number of volunteer opportunities. We are recruiting volunteers to help out on various committees including Entertainment, Fund-raising, Booth and Vendors, Logistics, Branding, Boat Team, and Trash and Recycling. Volunteers will have the opportunity to coordinate and manage different projects and activities. This is a wonderful opportunity for youths looking for volunteer experience. For others, you can both contribute to the community and experience a sense of pride in helping to celebrate your own and other ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and arts. It’s a special opportunity to help others and to build bridges among peoples, cultures, and customs.

If you are interested in volunteering, download a copy of the Southeast Asian Water Festival volunteer form from www.lowellwaterfestival.org and send the completed form to Mr. Tooch Van or Dr. Phala Chea, co-chairs of Volunteer Recruitment at the Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival, Inc. c/o CMAA building, 165 Jackson St. Lowell, MA 01852 or Fax the form to 978-454-1806.

Once again, I hope you will join us to explore and experience the cultural enrichment the Southeast Asian Water Festival provides.


Tooch A. Van
Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival Inc.

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Why Not the National Solidarity Movement, Doable?

Why Not the National Solidarity Movement, Doable?
July 22, 2006
By Kok Sap

The 2008 general election is within reach; all contenders are in disarray than ever. What is the common goal here? Most agreed on the change of stewardship of the government with a better one and effective one, preferably the commonly democratic one. How to do that? It must be Solidarity from all fronts of opposition to see to a fundamental change in democracy and economy improvement in Cambodia.

Democracy follows suit if economy is in place. Democracy is ought to be a way of living. Economy is a way of energy supplying. People need energy to live. People live or perform effectively when no energy lack meaning stomach is full. It is natural law, no argument to it. This is the must option for success. This will be a coup of the solidarity to allow Cambodia redeem its dignity and integrity once for all. This is what the world wants to see happening in Cambodia from urban to far remote corner of the country. The world has pity for Cambodia already but it has no better option to help resuscitate Cambodia from devious comatose. Therefore, the outsider political personalities must use common sense and goal to reckon the devil.

All opponents see CPP as the source of injustice, inferiority, sub-cultural society, and permanent instability for the nation. The CPP establishment is too big for the target for the moment. It possesses armed forces, banks accounts and immediate benefactor. Yet CPP own infrastructure has flaw, the corruptive culture. Remember, CPP members worship three individuals respectively, Heng Samrin, Chea Sim and Hanoi Chairman of Central Committee, who wheel power exponentially. For Hun Sen is nothing more but a replaceable cutting board at the pleasure of the cooks.

The obvious resolution is at hands of each opponent that each cannot do alone. To invigorate the national sentiment and foundation of hope, all opponents must reconcile to form the formidable National Solidarity Movement, to re-instill hope, peace, democracy, and traditional way of life in accordance with tradition” nov phtias maday tee tai nov prei maday chia muoy norm.”

May be a wishful thinking but it is doable if only and only inclusively Ram Raingsy, RRidh, Son Soubert, Nhek Bun Chhai, Serei Kosal, Ung Huot, Pen Sovann, Kong Korm, Ieng Mouly, and others appeal for National Solidarity to save the nation from the wholesome consumption of Viet Nam economic and culture. What each have to lose beside dream to do goodness for own birth land while still has last breath. This is the goal that each is out to get and win in the up coming election. Each needs to think harder as time is slipping away in personal flaws and greed. To help redeem Cambodia nobility and integrity, each must do the same to self-first.

To enable people to live free, the regime must belong to free men of dignity and righteous duty. We must see ach of us has devil in own, but let us not be subdued by it. Let us dignifyingly put it aside before Hun Sen turned to be another Lok Mchass of Viet Nam vassal province. As you can see, Viet Nam has already reinforced its dominance upon Heng Samrin recent homage, so each of you should do otherwise.

My fellows, if you wish to do one thing that can affect our people history in years to come; well this is the one thing to consider now. This will forewarn Cambodia historical enemies far or near alike that Khmer land offspring thinks of selfless but beneath the people. Then, nothing will stop us from moving forward once again.

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