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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dubious Excuse

By Prak Hap
June 8, 2005

Per Reuters - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Wednesday (6-8-2005) relatives of the 1.7 million people who died under the Khmer Rouge should not be paying for genocide trials, fuelling concern that he did not want them to take place.

This lame excuse may come as a no surprise that Mr. Hun Sen and former King Sihanouk somewhat shared the same view. No one seems to know for certain either man real motif. But it is clearly alarming how this government downplaying people suffering and anguish over its own inability. People are not that ignorant after all. They already understand why such culpable obstructions took place. Both Mr. Hun Sen and Sihanouk are directly linked to the rise and demise of DK-GRUNK. So far it appears the process has been solely delayed in part by the government of the kingdom. Other hand KR Trial could have been done along time ago if the men of power would really seek justice for society and humanity.

We can understand the political implication if the opposition succeeded in this Endeavour then the raw straw poll may measure up the real mood of voters in term of responsibility on government part. Some officials may feel embarrass since they should have shown own cognizance of justice for the mass along time ago. This delicate challenge may cause unfavorable outcome for the ruling party credibility if people determined to mobilize this important task ahead which has been 30 years passed already.

Traditionally people of common background are not driven by greed but survival. It is a prime example of their resilience in rebuilding thousands of pagoda or sanctuary or school after DK-GRUNK treacherous and self destruction over the period 70-79. Citizens of Cambodia have shown support to redeem what important to their society. Inevitably this will serve as a national drive for people of Cambodia to fulfill their long overdue closure.

Most people recognized their situation but bound by tradition of generosity and sacrifice. Thus financially ONE dollar is a lot for poor family but it deems significant impact on communal duty. They have been starved before yet most managed to survive due to their strong will. Yet if this is a moral calling at the most sincere admission of government failure, people will cooperate and achieve such task.

Comparably if this is an indirect denial of failure on government part which is another strike on its habitual poor performance for the last 20 years. The snow ball effect may play a part in transition of new era of responsible governance and leadership which clearly damper the future of the existing one. That will be a poor calculation on RGC leadership, and only time will tell.

Constitutionally people can exercise the rights in accordance with the lotus kingdom 1993 Constitution articles 39 &41 either to overtly express their concerns necessary included public demonstration or rally or lodging written grievance to the legislative branch demanding its prompt attention on matter. This is based on its principle frame of democracy which stipulates government by the people to serve or protect people. In any case if the government is no longer in the best interest of people then people have choices to correct the problem.

Nonetheless Cambodia is not belonged to Mr. Hun Sen personal but its citizenry as member nation to UN general assembly. With due respect UN has paid much expenses for Cambodia stability therefore UN earned the right to do what necessary in order to preserve justice for all mankind. Additionally the trial matter is no longer just Cambodia humanity but worldly affair. Cambodia people earned the rights to receive full justice for their losses and sufferings now. Importantly it is people justice, therefore democratic government may need to heed the people call accordingly.

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Wed, 8 Jun 2005

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