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Friday, April 28, 2006

Will US Domino Effect Theory Works This Time?

Will US Domino Effect Theory Works This Time?
By Kok Sap

The enlightened Buddha Dhamma impermanency is all things master. It is universally proven. Once, Hun Sen was very proud and over confidence of his new found allies with neighboring countries leadership. He thought his rule will be unchallenged and permanent. But now it seems unconvincing as he is self concerned and sneakily maneuvering law to prevent the recurrence for his own head after witnessing his ally heads had dropped abruptly.

Thailand had just fired its popular tycoon Premier Thaksin Sinawatra at the blessing of its King. Last June 2005, Washington D.C was very cozy with Premier Phan Van Khai and pledged friendliness for Viet Nam new attitude. But then just days ago the little dragon, Viet Nam, had also sacked its Premier at the blessing of its VCP's Central Standing Committee. Cambodia has also pledged to support One China policy while it illegally occupied Tibet, a sovereign state, and both Korea relation. Any one can guess these moves tickle US geopolitical network as well.

Earlier in March, US Duck Dumbfelt and Candi Nouilles were frantic, after both embarrassingly failed to scrutinize China super mega budget for its military build up. Then last weeks US Congressional delegation made Hanoi visit then later in Summer Bush turn. Inadmissively US aimed to influence Viet Nam of new attitude as China horizon expanded. US has eyed North Korea TKO point for quite awhile but stalemate rests on China lap. That undoubtedly Viet Nam, with fifth largest army on planet can detract China in supporting US arm twisting maneuver.

In due necessity, US war fleet needs Viet Nam and Gulf of Siam open access as India and Pakistan may rear guard China while Afghanistan is already a land block to Russia in case of hell break lose over evil North Korea. Thus, Hanoi proved invaluable ally for US reentry to SE Asia. With that in mind Viet Nam yanked up its genius victor Vo Vien Giap who is much older instead of sacrificial Phan Van Khai to level with US. This proved correctly Yuon never abandoned its aged old hypocrisy, Khmer wise said.

Beside North Korea, Iran is also a lucrative client to China, France, and Russia nuclear technology. These three are main player in UN Permanent Security Council and yet rival of Iraq invasion and occupation. Also interestingly to note, now Iran is singled out as next testing ground for US war machines after Iraq. Its ambassador paid personal visit to Heng Samrin, in lieu of Hun Sen, with warmth near future state visit invitation.

As usual China is keen in its interest, thus it dispatched Hu JinTao personally to secure logistic check mate move with $600 million cash in advance to Nam Vang's Hun Sen. Before this trip, he had personally deliverance Khmer New Year well wishes to secure Mao long time pawn, Mr. Sihanouk, assurance already. At the same stroke, Hun Sen, still has key to arsenal of handheld missiles from USSR, and been an eminent ally to Myanmar Junta build up support and advocacy in ASEAN circle. Remember Myanmar has been and is a rogue state since its independence from England with strong leaning toward axis of evil Russia and the remaining communist nations.

In 60's Sihanouk was infatuated with Myanmar stoic and autocratic regime. He emulated Rangoon crab recipe once before for his own ruling too. Past time people thought Cambodia was a rotten carrot but time and recent history had changed its appearance drastically. Now, Hun Sen, is following such as path. With this, Cambodia may befallen in unpredictable saga once again after Sihanouk lonely the only war path to death once before.

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