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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cambodia and Women Rights

By Kok Sap
Author and Philosopher Mrs. Ayn Rand of USSR époque rationalized her objectivism theory based on women view," rational being as one who wants to live, and to live with a minimum of pain and suffering. The right goals or actions, therefore, are the ones that ensure survival in real world." Because of life under DK then PRK was no different in USSR regime, we can understand why Cambodia women survivors did what they do to live.
Cambodia recent past and present, the women tears and blood that holds the very government in place. For centuries through kings' eyes, women were objects and properties for the victors. The systems impeded women rights in protection, fundamental education and representation. Worst from 1975 until present women are representing large part in manual workforce to sustain the country.
In term of democracy, Cambodia women are more able than bunches in current government. But because of survival must exist first, instead Cambodia women opted to be minority. They shun own rights to be respected in politic. Consequently chauvinism in men took it for granted. Thus women still have to fight for own equality and protection under the current deceitful systemic politic. Often times, Cambodia women were left to bear the brunt alone.
Almost in every man of intelligence claimed that present Cambodia was originated from maternalistic heritage since before Christian era. Post French subjugate rule, Cambodia had a female ruler namely Sisowath Kossamak from April 1960 to March 1970. Sadly she might have been the Queen but a lifeless effigy through her own son eyes. She was disrespected by her own son who was more chauvinist than anyone else. Had he not belittled but chastised her intervention in nation political crises.
Presently there are at least 50 political parties registered with Ministry of Interior. But NO women rights party. Thus all use women as political decorum, especially, the CPP was cunningly using flying woman as its logo. Also, SRP the so called opposition does no different as it currently uses its President wife who is the product of foreign cultures and absolute amoral feudalism to lure the confused ones. In all due respect, she has always lived in Ivory tower with silver spoon feeding. So in practice besides being a female and a rose in the decorative vase, she has nothing to really offer to the earthly women struggle and survival.
Philosopher Ayn Rand also said, "in the restrictive society personal freedom was paramount." In that case, Cambodia is a suppressive and chauvinist society. Women existence is merely a materialistic pleasure and properties. Therefore women need to set example and discontinue trusting male demagoguery. They have every right to represent their own interests and themselves. They shall no longer behave as let live but to live fully. If anything will happen differently in 2008 election, may be because of women will to demonstrate strength in personal freedom demands. May be it is time for those men stepping aside to assist and honor their maternalistic heritage to reassume long held tradition for a better change.


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