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Sunday, March 18, 2007

37th Anniversary of Khmer Republic

37th Anniversary of Khmer Republic
Kok Sap –US March 17, 2007
Before March 18, 1970, in cultural aspect, Sihanouk saw to no Khmer intellectual society ought not to be risen above his self serving and primitive standard. Most educated person could only get a job in his regime if the person was to pledge allegiance and join his Communist leaning political party for life. He called his party, Sangkum Reastra Niyum, literally in English, the People Socialist Party. Since his first rigged election in 1955, his proprietary party remained absolute in power. He had nationalized banks, private industrial factories, and enforced state controlled market in export or import. He had disallowed no competition in the open and free market. All state properties are at his private disposal. Similarly he had manipulated educational philosophy and institution as his regimental Sangkum Reastra Niyum Youth Camps modeled after the Nazi Hitler curricula. All public servants were his personal servants. Any intellectual challenge or open minded criticism was not permitted. It was a lese majesté or treason charge with capital punishment. All judiciary systems were his play court and grand juror at his personal residence and audience. To his hypocrite and demagoguery regime, the critic, if caught, be shot to death or stamped out to no existence for life.
From 1955 up to January 1970, Sihanouk had plundered national treasury for personal pleasure. Because of that the entire country armed forces were purposely marginalized to self-defenseless. He personally instilled beggar and self insecure mentality in his government and Khmer society since. The records show when the going got tough between 1965-1969, Sihanouk had struck deals with enemies as he had called them to allow conduit of arms and sanctuary on Khmer land to wage war against US in Lowland Kambuja region. In hope to redeem self from deprecation, he had begged the other nations included US. However, Sihanouk preferred free gift and no accountability then. At dead end he had allowed US bombardment to regain trust from US government which few years before he had agitated students to sack US embassy then severed relations. The US had no trusted in him and his policy. US and other capitalist nations saw Sihanouk as a free loader of no morality. The entire nation suffered disadvantage in rebuilding economy and infrastructure. That had angered his subordinates, family and worst his own National Assembly to unanimously vote of "no confidence" on March 18, 1970 to strip him from power. That action was constitutionally correct.
From that point on Sihanouk was enraged more than ever. He had antagonized and vowed to kill and disgrace his own mother who sided with people. He had declared from far, in rage, to kill even a baby or anything of Khmer Republic matter. In April 17, 1975 with Viet Cong help, Sihanouk achieved his sanguinary victory. Within 24 hours, Khmer Republic elements and Khmer social fabric were instantaneously eradicated before his return. It was an absolute hell hole on that day. Millions of child and woman became orphans and widowers in a matter of his followers trigger pull.
The very same tact and trick reappeared in Phnom Penh presently. No critic was spared imprisonment if it displeased government policy. Hun Sen has become Sihanouk evil sidekick. Sihanouk has subtlety manipulated Hun Sen in doing what he had done years before to prove that it was not Sihanouk who was the culprit. In this endeavor, Sihanouk had calculated and decreed Hun Sen illegal and world condemned government in 1997 after a bloody coup. Since then he had hoped by now Hun Sen had been deposed or executed by own peers already. That was wrongly. Not only Hun Sen had been dangerous but dangerously to Sihanouk own safety. Either way, the ghost of Khmer Republic remains a close watch to Sihanouk soon own demise.
Over 4,000 year of Khmer history in Southeastern Asia, for the first time Khmer land was truly belong to citizens 37 year ago. The great awakening of generation had liberated self and nation from the amoral feudal links. The Khmer Republic had instilled sense of duty in citizens to defend own rights no matter what. The spirit of self salvation and liberty had fallen upon the majority then. It was the moment that inspired generation to appreciate freedom and liberty for the country. Despite its short live, the Khmer Republic ideal had shown the enemies that Khmer people would defend own dignity and national integrity at all costs. For the social virtue and responsibility we, the Khmer Republic survivors, shall not be forgetful but hopeful that our dream has not ended or destroyed just yet. The Republic ideal lives in and among our fellows. So, for this occasion, especially I would wish Long Live and Happy Anniversary to the Khmer Republic and its faithful.

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