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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Letter of Ambassador Julio Jeldres addressed to King-Father

Letter of Ambassador Julio Jeldres addressed to King-Father

Historical Words

Ambassador Julio A. Jeldres
Official Biographer of H.M. the King Father Samdech Preah
Upayuvareach Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia

Melbourne, 2nd March 2007

His Majesty the King Father
Samdech Preah Upayuvareach
Royal Residence

Your Majesty,

I was disturbed to read Your Majesty’s Press Release of last night announcing that the esteemed BMD and Your website will no longer have any historical, political or press related texts because they may upset certain people.

May I respectfully suggest to Your Majesty that as a historian myself, I find Your Majesty’s daily texts with Your esteemed annotations part of the contemporary history of Cambodia and extremely important. I also feel that Your Majesty, as the Leading Historian Cambodia has produced, is making a significant and historic service to new generations of Cambodians of both sexes, by publishing these texts, memoirs or press articles with Your Majesty’s considerate comments more than often full of wisdom.

Without Your Majesty’s comments and guidance the new generations of Cambodians will not be able to learn more of the past, of Your struggles for independence against imperialism and against neo-colonialism and will not learn from the inspiring example given by Your Majesty as Father of the Cambodian Nation.

I would respectfully request that Your Majesty reconsiders last night’s decision and continues to publish all these texts otherwise new generations of Cambodians will only be left with the “histories of Cambodia” written by Milton Osborne, Charles Meyer and other anti-Sihanouk foreigners for their learning.

May I respectfully add that while the British monarchy has adopted the ancient motto of “Never explain, never complaint”, it is also true that a majority of British citizens are very critical of this attitude of the British monarchy because it lacks communication with its people and this was shown, particularly, after the untimely death of the Princess of Wales.

I am enclosing two excerpts from the newly published memoirs of Mr. Wilfred Burchett, which I recently purchased here in Australia. I will send other pages of the book related to Cambodia and to Your Majesty by air mail.

With my affectionate regards to Her Majesty The Queen Mother and Your Majesty and my profound respect and admiration.

(Julio A. Jeldres)

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