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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ranariddh Leaves Cambodia After 2 Oct Appointing Members of FUNCINPEC Committees

Ranariddh Leaves Cambodia After 2 Oct Appointing Members of FUNCINPEC Committees

[Report on article by Javari from the 3 October edition of Sralanh Khmer posted in Khmernews portal: "Prince Leaves To See Ms. Uk Phalla After Hun Sen Refuses To Receive Him"]

The pro-opposition Sam Rainsy Party [SRP] newspaper Phnom Penh Sralanh Khmer in Cambodian on 3 October carried an article by Javari posted in the Khmernews portal, saying Prince Norodom Ranariddh, the leader of the FUNCINPEC [National United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful, and Cooperative Cambodia] Party, left for "Malaysia" at 1030 on 2 October "after he had failed several times to seek a meeting with Prime Minister Hun Sen."

The article said a party official who saw Prince Ranariddh off at Phnom Penh International Airport told a Sralanh Khmer reporter that those who "accompanied the prince on this trip were FUNCINPEC Secretary General Nhoek Bun-chhai, Sau Rani, Pao Bun-sroe," and some other FUNCINPEC officials.

The FUNCINPEC official added that before leaving, Prince Ranariddh had appointed members of the party steering committee [koneakkammaka neayok] and the permanent managing committee [koneakkammaka krup-krong akchentrai], with him as chairman and Chhim Siekleng vice chairman. And whenever the prince was absent from the country, the article said, "only Chhim Siekleng was entitled to invite the two committees' members to meetings."

The article said that the "18 members of the permanent committee" appointed unilaterally the Prince Ranariddh on 29 September were as followed:
1. "Prince Norodom Ranariddh, chairman.
2. Chhim Siekleng, vice chairman.
3. Prince Sisowath Chivoan Monireak, member.
4. Prince Norodom Chakkrapong, member.
5. Prince Norodom Sirivudh, member.
6. Ing Kiet, member
7. Yu Hokkri, member.
8. Nhoek Bun-chhai, member.
9. Hong Sun-huot, member.
10. Khi Tanglim, member.
11. Pao Bun-sroe, member.
12. Veng Sereivut, member.
13. Serei Kosal, member.
14. Kol Pheng, member.
15. Ung Huot, member.
16. Tea Chamrat, member.
17. Sun Chan-thol, member.
18. Mam Bun-neang, member."

The article added that Kim San and Chea Chanbarido were appointed secretary general and spokesperson of the FUNCINPEC permanent managing committee respectively.

The article also said that only the chairman and the vice chairman of the committee had the right to convene meetings. Therefore, FUNCINPEC Secretary General Nhoek Bun-chhai was tied up, unable to do anything, the article pointed out.

As for the 59 members of the FUNCINPEC Steering Committee, the article said, they were as followed:
1. "Prince Norodom Ranariddh.
2. Princess Norodom Bophadevi.
3. Prince Norodom Sirivudh.
4. Prince Sisowath Chivoan Monireak.
5. Prince Norodom Chakkrapong.
6. Princess Norodom Vichara.
7. Princess Norodom Ratanadevi.
8. Prince Sisowath Panara Sirivut.
9. Chhim Siekleng.
10. Ing Kiet.
11. Yu Hokkri.
12. Nhoek Bun-chhai.
13. Khi Tanglim.
14. Hong Sun-huot.
15. Veng Sereivut.
16. Kol Pheng.
17. Nadi Tan.
18. Serei Kosal.
19. Tea Chamrat.
20. Khan Savoeun.
21. Sun Chan-thol.
22. Mam Bun-neang.
23. Ung Huot.
24. Pao Bun-sroe.
25. Nhep Bun-chin.
26. Nut Sokhom.
27. Mrs. Ung Kantha-phavi.
28. Mrs. Chea Saophoan.
29. Chap Nhalivut.
30. Peou Sith.
31. Sabou Bacha.
32. Khlot Tong-phka.
33. Mrs. Ki Lum-ang.
34. Mrs. Men Mali.
35. Sau Rani.
36. Hun Phoeung.
37. Pok Than.
38. Sun Pin-sen.
39. Phan Sina.
40. Kim San.
41. Yim Savi.
42. Neav Sithong.
43. Mao Havannal.
44. Mau Yuran.
45. Heng Chantha.
46. Nut Nin-doeun.
47. Maonh Saphan.
48. Mak Van.
49. Chea Chanbaribo.
50. Ruos Chheng.
51. Khim Chamroen.
52. Po Lida.
53. Lay Vireak.
54. Vin-yoem Vin-than.
55. Thav Kim-long.
56. Chhoem Sakhan.
57. Khoem Seila.
58. Uch Thaong-seng.
59. Noranarit Anon-dayat."

The article further said, "Only a senior party member assigned by the chairman could call meetings of the party steering committee."

According to a senior citizen of the FUNCINPEC Party, the article said, the appointments by Prince Ranariddh of the two committees' members were "against article 39 of the party statute." Therefore, Nhoek Bun-chhai or any senior party members, supported by members of the party permanent managing committee and of the party steering committee, "might as well convene meetings to change the chairman or to amend some articles to do away with an irresponsible historic chairman like Prince Ranariddh."

The senior citizen also said that, the article added, since Hun Sen refused to see him, it was not known when Prince Ranariddh would return.

It should be recalled that, the senior citizen further said, in Kampong Chhnang Province on 17 September, Hun Sen stated that he would not work with Prince Ranariddh, and he called him a "stupid." As such, one was waiting to see whether the prime minister would "eat his words," the article

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