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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

STATEMENT of September 18, 2006 by Julio A. Jeldres

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Ambassador Julio A. Jeldres
Official Biographer of His Majesty the King Father
Samdech Preah Upayuvareach NORODOM SIHANOUK of Cambodia
Chairman of the Khmer Institute of Democracy

Melbourne, 18 September 2006

My attention has been drawn to an article by the respected Deutsche Press-Agentur (German Press Agency) in today’s Bangkok Post in which it is reported that Cambodian Prime Minister has, once again threatened members of the Cambodian Royal Family, because they have dared to express their opinions, as Cambodian citizens and as entitled by the Cambodian Constitution of 1993, on issues affecting the development, reconstruction, sovereignty and national reconciliation of Cambodia.

Once again, Prime Minister Hun Sen, has threatened those who do not agree with him or his policies which have led Cambodia to become a failed state, with the loss of their lives by suggesting that “please find a coffin if your intention is to disturb the constitution”. This is yet another example of the violent nature of Cambodia’s authoritarian leader.

With this new evidence at hand, I call on Judge Iv Kim Sree of Phnom Penh Municipal Court, to acknowledge that he made a serious mistake on Friday 15 September 2006 by condemning me to pay US$ 4,500 to Prime Minister Hun Sen for allegedly having “defamed” him when I stated that he is a violent man and I ask him to reverse his verdict.

I realize that in Cambodia’s Potemkin democracy this will not happen and that, unfortunately, the Western countries that bankroll the regime approach Cambodia with a guilty historical conscience and seem increasingly loath to criticize the Cambodian People’s Party abysmal rights record, corruption and abuse of power, but my question is how many more Cambodians must die before countries such as Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Britain and the United States recognize that they are dealing with a new psychopath and violent ruler and that their association with Hun Sen’s regime is not helping the people of Cambodia but creating a wider gap between the ruling class and the little people of Cambodia, who continue to suffer at the hands of the regime.

I, once again, call on the Rt. Hon. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, not to dishonour the values held dear by the people of Australia by inviting Hun Sen to come to this country for an official visit at the tax payers’ expense.


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