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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr. Sourn Serei Ratha - A POLITICAL CON-ARTIST

Dear Compatriots,

Here come a new great divider, a young and somewhat inexperienced political agitator who has managed to fool a few nationalists on the extreme end - thinking that he can change Cambodian politics just as smoothly as he talks. More than that, he managed to blame every political leaders, left and right, from Monarchy to anyone he disagreed with on saving Cambodia. He claimed to have all solutions to all Cambodian problems, and presented himself as the only person who is full of you-know-what to know how to get back Koh Trol and the rest of Cambodia. Sound good, isn't it? If you are not sophisticated enough, you can be fooled, and perhaps you will be kind enough to take out a few bucks to hand to this new Cambodia's saviour, so he can travel places, without having any need to hold on to any real jobs in USA. If you don't know who I am talking about, read on...

It did not come to me as a surprise to learn that Mr. Sourn Serei Ratha has finally revealed his ultimate personal ambition to form a political organization and proclaiming himself to be the leader. What concern me most in his particular case is his views on Cambodian political process from the legal standpoint. Beaware of many dangers ahead, especially of having any associations with him and/or this new group. You certainly do not want to end up like people who previously joined Chhun Yasith, a US citizen who has been convicted by the United States government for plotting to overthrow a legit government. It has got to be legal.

After having listening to Mr. Ratha’s comment and declaration on Radio Post of Long Beach - program of August 22, 2010, I could not help but must take the liberty to inform every decent Cambodians to be looked out for danger in getting involved with this new organization. One needs to understand that a political organization has to be operated within the rule of laws, nationally and internationally. Mr. Sourn does not believe in political participation of our country's democratic process, and a few of his members shared the same view. Whatever you do or decide, you must understand who and what you are associating yourself with, and what would be the legal and political fall-out, if any.

Mr. Sourn is trying a play to a raw sentiment of ordinary people, including some frustrated and yet somewhat extreme nationalists who have limited understanding the complexity of our country's politics, from both national and global context. He is now embarking on a dangerous journey by leading a very radical and extreme organization which has yet to be accepted or legalized by our country's highest institutions. I wonder how he wishes to achieve his political aim when he’s never once believed in the legal political process of our country, Cambodia.

He has called all opposition groups as, if I quoted him correctly, either " Tourist and/or commercial politicians." To him, and his associates, oppositions offer no solutions, but more of a lingering complaints and problems to the overall Cambodia's mess. Mr. Sourn has a solution, and he is readied to lead, to bring all factions and groups, under his enormous talent and creativity which will lead us to not only save Cambodia's proper, Kampuchea Krom, but also get our Koh Trol back. It sounds like a real deal here, isn't it. But wait folks, if you are not thinking through, and if anyone are not well-informed on the pros and cons of this new group with this particular new leader, you could find yourself, personally, and your country in a whole lots deeper mess than you could possibly imagine. If there is a perfect name for a new politician or group like Mr. Sourn, given the way he conducted himself, beside tourist, commercial or the likes, here is one which I think would perfectly suit him well, A POLITICAL CON-ARTIST.

Please do not go there, folks.

Source: samrainsyparty@googlegroups.com


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