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Thursday, April 29, 2010

“Srey Krup Leak” Cambodian woman auction: Asking price starting from $1 million

By Koh Ekareach
Koh Santepheap
Translated from Khmer by Boros Min Krup Leak (?) Heng Soy
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Heng Soy's naughty question: "At $1 million, how much is the cost per kilo?" ;)

Miss Nuon Neang Lom-orng, a beautiful woman, coming from a well to do family, having the quality of perfect modern household wife with high knowledge, completing her study abroad, knowledgeable about art, music, classical songs, born in a highly honorable family. She received a lot a marriage proposals from all sources, and [this predicament] let Chumteav Nuon Voraneath, [her mother], have difficulties making the decision as to who she should hand over her daughter, therefore, she decided to auction off her daughter with the aim of using 50% of the auction proceed to donate to an orphanage and old people foundations in Cambodia.

Condition for the auction:

The auctioneer must be well off, have good standing name in the society, still single (not married yet or widowed), must take her as his single top wife.

The auction price starts at $1 million. For detailed information, contact phone number: 012 802 718, or email: sambath_art@yahoo.com

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