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Friday, September 25, 2009

Clarification - Response

Translation from Khmer by Socheata

Council of Ministers
Press and Quick Reaction Unit


According to the broadcast by Voice of America in the morning of 23 September 2009, H.E. Sam Rainsy, President of the Sam Rainsy Party, used a forum organized by the club of Thai journalists in Bangkok to criticize and attack the leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC), in particular, Samdach Akkok Moha Sena Bat Dey Dek Cho (SAMSBDDC) Hun Sen, calling him a former Khmer Rouge leader, and the [the latter is] using all means to silence the opposition voice. Regarding this unjust accusation, the Press and Quick Reaction Unit of the Council of Ministers is providing the following clarifications to the national and international opinion:

The [reason] Cambodian people is alive and receives everything as they are today is due to the gratefulness of the 07 January 1979, under the highest leadership of VIPs, such as Samdach Akkok Moha Ponhea Chak Krey Heng Xamrin, Samdach Moha Thormok Pothisal Chea Xim and SAMSBDDC Hun Sen who are currently the top leaders of the Senate, the National Assembly and the RGC, and they are also the top leaders of the CPP as well.

Under the genocidal Pol Pot regime, SAMSBDDC Hun Sen was a victim at that time, he fled the pursuit by the Khmer Rouge to kill him, and he joined with other VIPs to form the 02 December front to help liberate the people of Cambodia out of the killing fields, this is contrary to the accusations made by the opposition leader. Besides leading the liberation of the people from the genocidal regime, SAMSBDDC Hun Sen applied the win-win policy to successfully destroy the political and military Khmer Rouge organizations, and he cooperated with the UN to form the Khmer Rouge tribunal to currently judge the Khmer Rouge leaders as well.

After the 1993 election, the Cambodian kingdom No.2 upholds a plural democratic regime, and the constitution, which is the supreme law of the state, guarantees and protects the freedom of expression rights, the freedom for journalists, [the freedom] to form associations, to gather, etc… In fact, currently, we have newspapers, bulletins, magazines, radio stations, television stations, associations of journalists, for a total of 660 units, as well 2,800 NGOs, and other organizations that are conducting their activities freely in the kingdom of Cambodia and overseas, this is contrary to the accusations made by a group of immoral people. Currently, when the nation is filled with total safety throughout the country, the application of the rule of law is the primary goal of the government led by SAMSBDDC Hun Sen, only peace and the rule of law can lead the country to development according the national development policy and the rectangular strategy. The RGC respects the freedom of expression by the people, in particular that of journalists who have expert training, but they cannot use their journalist title to affect the honor of others. Therefore, any action that incites, divides the national society, causes anarchy in the society, violates the rights of others, they must absolutely be curbed through the administration of a country that is civilized, i.e. through the use of the legal system under the rule of law.

In summary, the Press and Quick Reaction unit believes that H.E. Sam Rainsy cannot maintain his dignity as politician. He always uses his personal freedom to select a foreign location to criticize and attack the country leaders, calling them dictators. H.E. Sam Rainsy never dares criticize the political goals of the government, such as criticizing the rectangular strategy and the various reforms brought up by the government, but he is turning to attack individuals instead. The criticism on individuals is universally considered as total political immorality. The lack of morality by H.E. Sam Rainsy led him to shamefully lose to H.E. Hor 5 Hong, the vice-PM and minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, [in the latter’s lawsuit] at the Paris court recently. To preserve dignity, we hope that this opposition leader will act with common sense, without seeking revenge [in order] to unite in the building and development of the country, in order to help alleviate poverty for the Cambodian people.

Done in Phnom Penh, 23 September 2009
Press and Quick Reaction Unit

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