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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mr. Somchai at the wedding of Hun Sen’s daughter

Ex-Thai prime minister attended the wedding of PM Hun Sen’s daughter

Mr. Somchai (L) and PM Hun Sen (R) walk hands in hands cordially during the wedding ceremony.
Mr. Somchai and his wife participated in a hair-cutting ceremony of the bride and bridegroom.

3rd January, 2009
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

The surprised appearance of ex-Thai PM, Mr. Somchai Wongsawat, at the wedding of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s daughter, Ms. Hun Mana, has attracted curious attention from many senior government officials.

Mr. Somchai arrived in Cambodia on the 2nd of January with his wife and 4-5 assistants. Upon their arrival at the airport, they were whisked away straight to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s residence in Takhmao city of Kandal province in order to attend the wedding of Mr. Hun Sen‘s daughter.

At the wedding ceremony, Mr. Hun Sen and Mr. Somchai have chatted cordially in front of many important guests.

Samdech Hun Sen and Lok Chumteav Bun Rany invited Mr. Somchai and his wife to participate in a haircutting ceremony of the bride and bridegroom and in other various ceremonies in accordance with the Khmer tradition.

Mr. Somchai accepted the invitation happily as he considered the Khmer and Thai traditions are very similar and both countries practise the same form of Buddhism.

Mr. Khieu Kanharith, the government spokesman, said that the invitation and the attendance of Mr. Somchai to the wedding of Samdech Hun Sen’s daughter is a private matter. He added that Mr. Somchai and Samdech Hun Sen have been friends for a long time, since before Mr. Somchai became Thailand’s prime minister.

Even though the invitation of Mr. Somchai is a private invitation, it shows that, in term of friendship and co-operation, both countries can still be good friends with each other. Prime Minister Hun Sen used to say that ‘if we (both countries) don’t have a concrete bridge, even a bamboo bridge is better than no bridge at all.’

Mr. Somchai, even though he is no longer a prime minister, but he used to be a special politician who had been actively involved in Thai politics for a long time. Please note that, Mr. Somchai, after attended the wedding of Mr. Hun Sen’s daughter, has attended a luncheon in his honour at Mondiale Centre and then returned to his native country on the same day.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has 5 children: 3 sons and 2 daughters. Ms. Hun Mana, the bride, is the second daughter who is a director-general of the Bayon TV. The bridegroom is Mr. Dy Vichea Chetra, the first son of the late Gen. Hok Lundy, the ex-National Police Commissioner of Cambodia. The late Gen. Hok Lundy has 5 children: 3 sons and 2 daughters.

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