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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Transitional Cambodia Politics: July, 2008 Election of Segregation

Monday, May 26, 2008
Op-Ed By Khmer Young
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I call this coming July 2008 national election of Cambodia as the Election of Segregation because the wealthiest and strongest CPP party has been keeping its Segregating Win-win Strategy forever. Regardless of how CPP has generated the capital resources to win the vote, this party has been tremendously trying to segregate the largest opposition party, the SRP. Hun Sen's win-win strategy is maintaining the same tactic: to weaken internal bond of opposition party, the SRP. There are many faces of that tactic, but the one current significant ongoing operation is to keep welcoming and appointing higher position to all those defectors from the SRP.

Generally speaking and fairly judgment, the sound policy of SRP towards some sensitive issues in Cambodian society surely make CPP's headache such as corruption, land grabbing, kleptocracy, illegal immigrants, commodities inflation, and biased judiciary system etc In responding to this SRP's key campaign, CPP under Hun Sen leadership is subverting the attention of Cambodian peoples and take advantage over SRP by building internal division and breaking inside SRP. Many defectors are increasing from SRP. As a genuine democratic party, SRP has hardship to stop those walking away in hope of finding new opportunity. The opportunists are existing in every party. But when CPP has been targeting SRP, it is surely incomprehensible. But CPP's tactic relating this internal breaking task-force is surely become double-edged sword. However, as an independent observer of Cambodia politics, why no one from CPP has been defected or walked away? Is this because of CPP is good and perfect? Or this is because of CPP is communist party that the defectors expect only to lose their life and invisible suffering?

Not only this internal operation of CPP that we should pay attention, the critical issues of Cambodian nation are neglected by CPP in correcting themselves for genuine development and sustainability of Cambodia. But in order to continue their position and power, CPP has to divide and eliminate any strong opposition party. It seems like CPP has not concerned and paid attention in collective actions and collaboration with the criticism of opposition parties, but CPP has concerned the abolishing anyone who has criticized their misbehavior.

In developed countries, with their professional political task-force, government regards the suggestions and criticism of opponents as the key proponents for their success and to improve the disadvantages of their nations. In contrast, Cambodia more sound criticisms made by opponents more divisive and marginalized will inevitably occur inside that opposition party.

In this matter, who are we going to blame? The political parties? The individual immature political leadership? Or the culture that has long time ingrained in Cambodian society?

The current interaction between government party and opposition parties are likely not basing on professional political career at all. Particularly, the government party (CPP) who is handing the largest social capital absolutely oversee the situation and perpetuate all opportunities to gain and maintain its power regardless of that power surely distracts the interests of Cambodian peoples.

In current transitional Cambodia politics, I can say politics is about the politics, politics is not about the investment of social good for Cambodia and the whole collective interests for them. Who is going to win is about your political party effective strategy, how good you understand the psychological traits of Cambodian peoples? How good you comprehend the collective behavior of Cambodian peoples when they think about politics? And how effective of your public speech in introducing your key policy precisely to be widespread tempted by the peoples to win their heart and mind?

However, to be fair the mechanism that can stimulate the Cambodian peoples and compete on the above perspective is absolutely excellent. But if the election procedure has already been projected to manipulate Cambodian peoples through the biased National Election Committees (NEC), it is a grave and ugly strategy. It is comparing like the winner pervasively robe and rape their own citizens!


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