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Friday, December 28, 2007

Please sign the petition to block Sok An's official appearance at the opening ceremony of Cambodia Town appearance at the opening ceremony of Cambodi

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Citizen Petition

Subject: Appearance of Mr. Sok An, Cambodia Current Government Deputy Prime Minister at the Opening Ceremony of Cambodia Town

We, the undersigned citizen of the City Long Beach, are proud and honored that the Honorable Mayor and City Council granted the local Cambodian voters with the honorific Cambodia Town on July 3, 2007, which is resulted from the spirit of the hardworking taxpayers and law abiding citizens especially those of Cambodia origin.

Cambodia is under the current Prime Minister Mr. Hun Sen and on the list of human rights violation since 1997. Clearly Professor Ghai recent 10 day visit in the occasion of World Human Rights Day in Cambodia reported Cambodia's judiciary has failed to provide justice, leaving the population in fear of going to court and threatening the rule of law.

Relatively Mr. Sok An, the boss of the Cambodia Council of Ministers, has stalled the donors recommended anti corruption law with good governance, poverty reduction, human trafficking laws and until recently the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia www.eccc.gov.kh from the parliamentary approval. In addition the rampant land grab mostly done by the powerful officials, forced eviction, and dynastic corruption which highlighted in the UK Global Witness report at www.globalwitness.org involved Mr. Sok An extensively.

However during same period of Professor Ghai stay in Phnom Penh, on December 8-9, 2007 local press featured Mr. Evan Braude, former City Councilman heading a self appointed group so called “Cambodia Town Delegation”, had personally borne and presented an invitation letter in behalf of the current Mayor of Long Beach and citizens to implore Mr. Sok An presence at the ribbon cutting opening ceremony of the Cambodia Town scheduled for next April 2008 coincided with Cambodian New Year Parade. This is an outrage and a totally self deprecated in US human rights policy against Cambodia oppressive regime.

Because of the stated reasons we, the undersigned, call our City Council attention to address the so called “Cambodia Town Delegation” deceptive agendas in the name of all Long Beach Cambodian Americans interest. In fact, the evidence from its 2005 moral immaturity and insensitivity of the killing fields’ memory has not only embarrassed us all and is still a profound concern in such group self propelled conduct.

We, the undersigned, can’t conscientiously condone and accept the collusion spearheaded by the so called “Cambodia Town Delegation” to bring the abusive regime agent into our city honorific event. Thus we collectively submit our signatures in protest of Mr. Sok An appearance. Also, we are formally asking the City to consider the following in its regular City Council meeting:
  1. the democratic process and hold public hearings
  2. need no dictator agent appearance at our City event indefinitely to avoid more embarrassments taken place
  3. “Cambodia Town Delegation” must stop insulting us with its hidden agendas again
We respectively submit and trust you will do your utmost to stop such embarrassing action from taken place.


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