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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

European Parliament Calls for Halt Human Rights Violations Vietnam


The European Parliament has adopted two resolutions; one on human rights in Vietnam and one on human rights in Iraq. In doing so, it has uttered support for the marginalized minorities in these countries.

Below are extracts from resolutions adopted and published by the European Parliament:

European Parliament resolution of 12 July 2007 on human rights in Vietnam

The European Parliament,


G. whereas, in February 2007, a demonstration by 200 Khmer Krom Buddhist leaders in support of religious freedom was suppressed by force in the province of Soc Trang; whereas five of these leaders were sentenced on 10 May 2007 to between two and four years' imprisonment for 'public order offences' and the religious persecution suffered by the Khmer Krom is accompanied by forced assimilation,

H. whereas the ethnic minorities of the Northern and Central Highlands are still subjected to discrimination, confiscation of their land and violation of their religious freedom, and only 38 religious groups have been recognised in the north-east; whereas neither independent NGOs nor journalists have free access to the Highlands in order to assess the real situation of the Montagnards repatriated from Cambodia,


3. Calls on the Vietnamese Government to put an end to all forms of repression of people exercising their right to freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of assembly, in line with international law on human rights; repeats its call to the authorities to reform, as a matter of urgency, national security provisions, either by revoking them or by bringing them into line with international law;

4. Calls on Vietnam to carry out political and institutional reforms in order to establish democracy and the genuine rule of law, beginning with the introduction of a multi-party system, a free press and free trade unions;

5. Calls on the Vietnamese Government to respect religious freedom and to restore the legal status of all religious communities, including the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam;

6. Asks the Vietnamese Government to put an end to discrimination against the Montagnard community;


Full text of 'European Parliament resolution of 12 July 2007 on human rights in Vietnam' available by clicking here.


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