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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Your Highest, Do the Right Thing!

It has been a lot of controversies reguarding requests and petitions to King Norodom Sihakmoni to pardoning all convicted opposition politicians and democractic activists. The controvery is whether the king will do the right thing.

Now, what is the right thing? What principle or objective will the king take into his consideration?

This is the challenging task for the young king who all his life has never involved in the politics of making. All the king's life, he is an artist and a ballet dancer. This is not to put down his credibility but to inform that he can face a very difficult decision. The king doesn't have to be a politician; however, he should understand the force of politics, and the king has the previlege to concilliate the country when the politics of making is unrest.

Moreover, to provide a fair solution to the dilemma which Cambodian facing seriously since the year end of 2005, King Norodom Sihakmoni should understant three groups, which consists of, first is Hun Sen and CPP that represents about 1.5 million of eligible voters of Cambodian population. The CPP are very powerful in term of authority. The CPP don't have a clear ideology but to crap the power and mantain it. They execute before they think. They are the Communist and still the Communist.

The second group is Norodom Ranariddh and FUNCIPEC. Ranariddh and FUNCIPEC is losing the grip and identity. The FUNCIPEC has become a ride along passanger with CPP. The politics of FUNCIPEC is to share and co-operate whether left or right, FUNCIPEC will do for as long as 30% or 70% is given in power. The FUNCIPEC's supporters have been declined. The eligible voters who still support FUNCIPEC is half of million.

The third group is oppositions and democrats. These groups are very clear in their identity. They are fighting for a real democracy. They are fight for a change and human rights. These groups have the largest supporters in Cambodia and abroad, together more than two million.

Furthermore, the international community and Khmer abroad have pushed for stronger democracy and have condemned the government of Cambodia of their action having unfair prosecution toward oppositions and democratic activists.

Which side is the young king take to be fair? For a suggestion, the king must look at the objective of our country, Cambodia and her principle since UNTAC. The objective of Cambodia is to have peace and prosperity. The stability that a normal citizen can function his or her daily life without interruption by conflict of politics.

In addition, the United Nation has established a principle of democracy by spending over two billion dollars to organize and to rebuild Cambodia which by planting a seed of democracy so that every Cambodian can exercise his or her democratic rights.

Because the principle of democracy is in placed, that why international community agree to provide aids and loans to assist Cambodian government to develope the prosperity, and that why there are investments and investors come to do business in Cambodia. Moreover, there are export of garments and agricultural products which on their way to many continents like Europe and North America. Besides these, Cambodian has been accepted into Asean and WTO and many more wordly activities.

To be consistent with the principle of democracy of UNTAC, internally and externally, Cambodian has formed an opposition and a democratic activist group to monitor and to make sure that the democracy must on its way, and to make sure that the principle of democracy is vital.

Therefore, for the king not to pardon oppositions and democratic activists from the unfair conviction, it won't be the right decision. It will be an insult to the effort of UNTAC and international community, and it will be a violation to the principle of democracy of which in placed by UNTAC for Cambodian.

By Chhim Samoeoun.

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